10 Best Old Age Home in Kolkata

Remember the times you disgust the idea of old age homes when you were a kid and promised to take care of your parents throughout?
Well, we all have promised the same! 
While you may have been lucky enough to provide your parents with care and love at the comfort of their home, there are still some children who are bound to depend on old age homes to take care of their aged parents and cater to their slaughtering corporate responsibilities. 
Yes, there are several old age homes lending elder care in Kolkata, and catering to the requirements of the children. With the rise in demand, the number of such retirement homes is also increasing. In case you are also searching for old age homes, here is a list of the 10 best old age homes in Kolkata that you can consider. 

Shantiniketan Home

Located in Thakurpukur, Kolkata, Shantiniketan Home is a renowned senior citizen home. It is a unit of the Bhiabav, a Public Welfare Trust and currently has 20 rooms with a lift. The rooms are categorised as Deluxe Rooms and Standard rooms with all the required amenities and provisions. 

 Cheer Old Age Home

Cheer is a renowned old age home offering quality elder care in Kolkata. As their name goes, “Cheer” is known to be quite compassionate and dedicated to offering a joyful life to the senior citizens. 

Godhuli Old Age Home

Located in the vicinity of Jadavpur, Kolkata, Godhuli Old Age Home offers a safe and pollution-free haven to its residents. With modern amenities and all the required provisions, this place offers the best environment and care possible to the elderly. 


Shibasram is one of the premier senior citizen care homes in Kolkata offering quality care and security at an affordable rate. They are a registered and certified retirement home known to ensure your peace of mind. 

Ananda Ashram

It is considered one of the peaceful old age homes in Kolkata offering quality elder care in Kolkata. It has a sprawling lawn and well-ventilated rooms that offers a green and pollution-free environment. 
Peace Senior Living Pvt Ltd.
This senior citizen care home is known for offering all the required amenities and provisions required for quality and peaceful living and ageing. The availability of the library, Yoga rooms, and others. 

Jagriti Dham

Jagriti Dam is known for its modern healthcare facilities, safety and security, senior-friendly architecture, temple, club, spa and more. 

Shantineer Old Age Home

Shantineer Old Age Home is your destination for quality elder care in Kolkata. Offering care at an affordable rate, Shantineer is now a customer-favourite. 

Shanti Elderly Care

Shanti Elderly Care is one of the peaceful retirement homes in Kolkata. As their name goes, they have all the required amenities to provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for the elderly.  

The Retreat Senior Citizen's Home

Located in Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata, The Retreat is a promising name offering quality elder care in Kolkata. With the availability of the various requirement-centric facilities, they make the place comfortable for the elderly. 
That being said, the biggest drawback of old age homes are the number of residents. It becomes difficult for one care manager to render equal care and attention to all at the same time. This is why the quality of care is deteriorating with the increase in the number of residents. Though these old age nursing homes are trying their level best to offer quality living, it is slowly becoming humanly impossible. 
Not just that, no matter what amenities they provide, most of the senior citizens are suffering from home-sickness and feelings of depression and loneliness that are not only affecting their mental but also their physical well-being. 
Plus, no environment can be better than the comfort of the home. Breathing in a known environment is much refreshing and healing than recovering in an old age home. 
We hear you! 
You can now provide quality elder care in Kolkata to your aged parents at the comfort of your home. 
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