8 Tips for Elders to Welcome the Coming Winter

Durga Puja is over. After a weeklong euphoria, people return to their routine life. There is no exception for elders. On these puja days, they also spent time much more enjoyably with their family members who may stay far from the home. Elderly people start feeling lonely and depressed again when their children go back to their workplace. Everyone becomes busy with their routines. But those poor aging members feel low after Puja days. After a certain age, people grow childlike behavior. Family members should treat them sympathetically that they can return to their normal routine and get rid of depression.
It’s the month of October. Winter days are knocking the door. Post-puja sadness is another impediment to everyone’s life. Elders need much more care to fight against diseases on this seasonal transition. Even to manage arthritic pain, a recognize Physiotherapy care at home Kolkata can help truly.

To welcome winter days more happily and healthily, here are some tips for aging people:

1. Prevent them from dust and dirt
Season changing can be fatal for your loved one. Winter is dry thus, much dusty. Preventing them from dust and dirt is one of the important concerns of families. People who have allergic syndrome need much more care at this time. Wearing a mask, using a hat, and avoiding afternoon breeze can keep their problems away.

2. Wearing socks can fight against many diseases
When it’s time to invite winter, the first thing you should keep in mind is to insist them on wearing socks at least in the morning and evening time. This habit keeps them protected from many diseases like cough, cold, nose watering, and skin allergies. Also, socks are the best prevention for cracked heel.

3. Easily digestible menus
Weather changing invites stomach disorders. So, serving light and easily digestible foods can help adult people stay away from stomach disorders. Foods like chicken stew, vegetable soups, and salads not only provide necessary vitamins but keep them hydrated throughout the time. .

4. Proper hydration
To fight against dehydration and to stay healthy, maintaining hydration is one of the important concerns. If there is no restriction in water-in taking, 3 liters a day is perfect for an adult to stay hydrated.

5. Morning and evening walk protection
They should take proper protection against cold in the morning and evening walk sessions. Wearing light woolen garments, covering the head with caps, wearing socks will protect them from cold attack.

6. No more cold water, ice cream or cold beverages
Just discard cold beverages like ice cream, soft drinks, and packaged juices from your refrigerator. No more indulgence in taking those cold beverages at the starting of winter. Remember that pneumonia is one of the widespread diseases among elders.
7. Special care for asthma patient
A frequent asthma attack is very common in season-changing days. If your parents have this problem, keep enough protective measures in your homes like nebulizer machine, inhaler sprays, musk, and nasal sprays. Keep in touch with reputed senior citizen care services in Kolkata that your loved one gets immediate medical support in necessities.

8. Medication
Don’t neglect to maintain the proper medication. Keep some special and emergency medicines if you have aged family members in your home.
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