8 Tips to Improve Your Sleep at 60

Sleep is as important as you need the right food and exercise for better health. With age, you may experience a change in your sleeping pattern. Most of the elders experience restless nights or waking too early in the morning or problem sleeping constantly. It matters less how much time you sleep at night but it matters how much time you have deep and unconscious sleep. Lying down on the bed for eight hours does not mean you have an eight-hour sleep. Not the amount but the quality will determine how you feel fit for the next day.
Most of the elders become traumatic when the evening starts as the darkness reminds them about the previous sleepless nights. It is really painful to stay awake when the rest of the family members are sleeping peacefully. This is a common scenario for every elder. Though it is very common and natural but with your careful concern you can make your sleeping pattern good even with aging.

Here are a few tips that can improve your sleep even after 60:









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