Adult Vaccinations : Our Way Forward to Protect Our Senior Citizens

There has been quite some disapproval and controversy when senior citizens were offered to receive the COVID vaccination prior to others. A lot of people did not share the same thoughts and vouched for equality. 

Equality is an ideal concept and should be voiced and helped up by everyone. But at the same time, we can agree that some people need a little more help than youngsters and young adults do. You might ask why? And there are plenty of answers to that. 

Why Senior Citizens Getting Vaccination Early Is Okay

Age is inevitable. And when age happens, a lot of things happen with it. An 80 year old individual will most likely not be able to outrun you or push through the crowds of rush hour trains. Yet, elderly people still form a large part of the workforce. 

" Survival of the fittest " might be the saying but we are not yet fighting World War 3 with sticks and stones like Newton predicted. So there's no need to put our animal instincts to action right now. The least we could do is show compassion and understanding for one another in these times of crisis. 

Boosting immunization for the senior citizens and providing basic eldery care services is pretty much one of the most basic things to do right now. 

With age comes certain limitations. We grow weaker, obviously. Our body is ageing and a lot of its strength and power of persistence is lost with the years. One cannot really help it. It's nature. But compassion is also nature and that is something that can help. 

Theoretically and practically, the older people are less likely to be able to fight off the virus than youngsters or young adults. Their immune system definitely isn't as equipped as ours when it comes to dealing with deadly viruses. This is why proper elderly care service is important. We need to understand well how not everyone is quite equipped to handle this situation. 

Lastly, it's not very hard to be a kind person. It costs no money and all you need to do is be human and let someone who needs the vaccine better, go and have it. There's a reason there are seats reserved for senior citizens in buses and public transport. It's because as human beings we should be aware enough to offer opportunities and privileges to those who don't have it and need it. Elderly care is not a privilege that you provide to society. It's as basic as it gets. 

Are Adult Vaccines Different From Normal Vaccines ?

Absolutely not. All vaccines are the same and contain the same compound. No different formula has been used to create vaccines for the senior citizens. However, reactions might differ with age and other factors. 

If you have an old member who has medical complications, it's best to do a doctor's check up after your vaccine. The vaccine does have aftereffects and it will affect the health of the patient for a little while before it goes away. This is all part of the process and there is nothing to be worried about. 

Aftereffects of the vaccine include headache, slight nausea, temperature, bodyache, fatigue, etc. None of these are harmful and persistent and will go away with time and care. However, if symptoms get worse, contact a doctor as soon as possible. 

Everyone has their own problems and preferences. Ensuring that you provide suitable elderly care daily services based on their needs is trivial. 

The vaccine has been a blessing to mankind, but it surely isn't a blessing for comfort. After effects include fever, fatigue and bodyache. All of these things are harsh for the aged body. Post vaccination care at home is a good idea at this time. You can cut some worries about emergency scenarios. Your loved one is well taken care of, with their comfort being of utmost priority. Post Vaccination Care will also cover proper diet and following a certain daily routine just to ensure that your loved one has the smoothest and speediest recovery. 

Is the Vaccine Safe for Old People

The vaccine is safe for older people and everyone else. All the vaccines have been created with the same compound and there's no real difference there. However, post vaccination effects might differ from one person to another. 

As for this question being asked too many times more than people should , the vaccine is meant to make people safe from a virus. 

Elderly care may be tricky. Especially when you are taking care of someone who is old and has a far more fragile system than yours. This is why elderly care daily services call for a lot of attention to detail and. Daily elderly care might not be easy. But the elderly need our care. The sooner we realize that, the better we do for them in our society. 

Before choosing any elderly care services, make sure they're well equipped to cater to and handle your daily needs. Ensure comfort and a suitable environment to begin with. If you're taking care of your loved ones at home by yourself, make sure you understand what's going on before you jump into it. 

It's common to not always have an idea of what you're working with. But it's older people and it's taking care of them. It's meant to be tricky. Prioritizing their comfort and well being above everything will do a pretty decent job.