Anxiety In Old Age – Why Does It Arise And How To Deal?

Anxiety is a major issue faced by millions today, and the elderly are not forbidden. Were you aware that anxiety does not require any specific trigger to wreak havoc on a person’s mental and physical health? 

While some may be triggered by trauma or specific situations, many may suffer from anxiety that surfaces out of nowhere. Elderly people often suffer from anxiety that can be triggered by age-related trauma or a certain sense of dependency. 

There are several factors that can contribute to the cause of anxiety in older people. The feeling of being dependent, obligated and baggage of intensified obstacles increases stress and anxiety within the old aged. Even though it might not be the scenario, the feeling of even the easiest chores often hits the elderly hard. 

This forms the root of anxiety, stress and depression in older adults. And not to forget the current pandemic scenario that acts as a catalyst, deteriorating the mental health of the elderly. Helping the aged with such difficulties, elder care seems to be one of the most sought-after services today. Senior Care service providers now offer affordable home care packages in Kolkata, thus raising its requirement and increasing its demand. 

But before we dive into understanding how at home elder care helps, let us first see the major triggers of anxiety in the elderly – 

Some of the common and regular anxiety triggers

Adding to the above, the struggle to come to terms with the news of the demise of loved ones and accepting the unforeseen loss and grief often increases the fear of approaching doom, leading to unexplained anxiety which is proven to be detrimental for their mental health. 

What are the common symptoms of anxiety in the elderly? 

When it comes to mental health it is prudent to monitor symptoms and seek medical help as and when necessary. One must be informed well that mental health issues in the elderly can lead to several physical damages which can be fatal or have no treatment at all. Avoiding such situations, look for the common symptoms of anxiety in the older as discussed below – 

The above-mentioned symptoms may pose a perfect threat to physical health, and hence should be constantly monitored to understand when the need for medical help emerges. 

What are the probable treatments? 

Before we discuss the process of treatment, one must be clear of the fact that mental health is an important issue and a matter of concern, for everyone regardless of age. Being mentally disturbed or suffering from acute anxiety disorder does not attach the tag of being ‘MAD’ or mentally disabled. 

In case you feel there is an indistinct mental condition in the elder member of your family, it is time to be beside the one suffering and seek medical help to give him/her relief. Anxiety or mental health issues can further be increased if not cared for, taunted, labelled as mad and neglected. 

Having said that, anxiety can be treated with –

In addition to the above, in case you fail to spend quality time but want to care for your elderly loved ones, you can avail at home senior care services offering intellectual companionship offered along with affordable home care packages in Kolkata for the elderly. 

Intellectual companionship followed by nursing care is one of the major requirements of the elderly today, especially during these turbulent times where mental health is at unrest constantly!