Are The Elderly Home Care Services Making A Difference In The Life Of The Aged?

Remember the time you typed “elderly home care services near me” to get a list of the geriatric care agencies in town?

Well, the list must have made your life oh-so-simple and helped you choose the best agency like Rising Care for your aged parents. But, did you ever sit back and wonder if the geriatric care services are actually making a difference in the lives of the senior citizens?  

Keeping in mind the evolution of social media marketing, agencies may have been promoting a lot. But do they actually deliver what they promote? Is the real and reel same when it comes to their services? 

Considering the quality of care you have received from your parents and the sacrifices they have made to offer you quality upbringing and lifestyle, you should evaluate the quality of care you are arranging for your aged parents. 

Rising Care takes a step further to break it down for you and show you behind the scenes of these promotions. 

But before we jump into the point, it is right to say, “Yes, we are making a difference in the lives of the senior citizens with our home care services”. 


Given below are some of the ways in which elder care at home is making the lives of the senior citizens easy and improving the quality of living. 


Our home care services are dedicated to offering quality care for the aged. Such services prove beneficial for the ones residing alone with restricted mobility and pressing health issues

Regular health monitoring

Care manager visits are essential for your aged parents. They not only help with daily health monitoring under the guidance of the senior doctors but also assists in monitoring the recovery and progress of the treatment. 

Fitness and Physiotherapy 

Inactivity or lesser activity can lead to obesity which can invite major health issues and unnecessary hassles.  Light exercises and physiotherapy can help deal with restricted issues and pains. Besides, it also helps in keeping the aged fit and the body warm, ready to fight maladies. 

Doctor consultations 

Have you ever thought of how your aged parents will stay connected to the doctor in your absence and seek medical help? 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, now getting in touch with a doctor can be done online, eliminating the hassles of travelling to the chamber. Nevertheless, the process of online consultation may be a bit intimidating for the aged to handle alone. Availing home care services will help you facilitate the process of online doctor consultation. 

The attendant appointed to take care of your aged parents will not only help them to communicate with the doctor but also update the doctor on the current health condition along with sharing other important information that might help in addressing health issues and emergencies. 

Outdoor work assistance 

There are several outdoor works that need assistance. Allowing your aged parents to meet those outdoor requirements can invite unforeseen events. Availing outdoor work assistance will help your aged parents to be safe and secured while they are on the road. Also, they can assist the aged parents to run a few errands or address their morning walk requirements. 

Besides, the attendant can help your aged parents to visit the bank or other such places to meet their financial and other essential requirements. 

Emergency assistance 

Emergencies are bound to occur. It may get difficult on the part of the senior citizens to tackle everything all by themselves at this age. Having a helping hand can make their lives much easier. Additionally, they can also address emergencies and seek medical help as and when needed even in your absence. 

Acknowledging the need for emergency hospitalization, Rising Care offers such home care services that get the aged patient admitted to the hospital to start the treatment immediately. The next of kin is informed after the patient is admitted and all the required documentation is met. The finances can be met by the next of kin within 24 hours from the time of admission. 

We take the responsibility of keeping the children or the concerned person informed about the health condition and the progress of the treatment if they are unable to meet the patient physically. 


Have you ever wondered why your aged parents are agitated or irritated almost every day? 

It has been surveyed that older adults are more prone to deal with mental issues. Such mental imbalances can be due to loneliness, stress, anxiety and depression owing to restricted mobility, loss of independence, frequent health issues and more. 

Rising Care brings to you at home counsellors and online counsellors to deal with such mental imbalances and offer the required treatment.  


Are your parents really safe when you are away? 

The responsibility of ensuring safety for your aged parents lies on you. However, it may get difficult for you to take care of your aged parents while addressing the corporate slaughtering pressure, especially if you are settled abroad. 

Although alarm systems and CCTV cameras help to deter crime, having a physical presence ensures peace of mind, for you and your aged parents as well. 

Besides, having someone home beside your aged parents can drive strangers away and reduce the unnecessary visits of strange opportunists. 

Intellectual companionship

Loneliness can lead to depression, stress and anxiety. While you are catering to your corporate responsibilities, your parents back home may be yearning for a companion to share thoughts with. At home attendants can offer intellectual companionship to aid loneliness and to help the senior citizens share their worries. Besides, they can help your aged parents connect with you over a voice or a video call. They can arrange for the required set up and help facilitate uninterrupted communication.    

Get in touch with Rising Care to avail skilled and qualified attendants for intellectual companionship along with other home care services and free your aged parents from the adverse effects of depression and stress due to loneliness. 

Last but not the least, home care services are great for addressing post-hospitalization requirements. There are several essentials that need to be catered to once the patient is discharged from the hospitalization. 

Need to keep your aged parents happy and healthy? 

Rising Care Senior Health Solution is here to help. We offer a plethora of services that address the requirements of the elderly and help them age gracefully.