Arrangements to be made by NRIs for elderly parents before leaving the country

As per the 2011 Census, elderly people contribute 8.48% to the total population of West Bengal. With an increase in the number of senior citizens, the number of old age homes has risen to the number of 164. 

A saddening fact, the reason behind the increase in the number of old age homes lies in the rise in the number of NRIs. Needless to say, it is enough heart-wracking for these NRIs to leave back their elderly members at home and travel miles away with worry. In need of outdoor work assistant for elderly or nursing care, one of the sustainable options available to them is to depend on old age homes which may not provide the services you want for your parents.

And all you have to do is a compromise, in an attempt to keep your parents safe and in companionship. 

Why compromise with their necessities when they never did with yours?

With no stones left unturned, these elderly people have given their all to make you who you are today. Supposedly, their life savings, retirement pension, etc. all have been spent to help you grow and be capable enough to secure employment abroad. 

Keeping them away from home in a different environment may end with tears in their eyes. Moreover, being distant from their children is already tough on the parts of the elderly parents, topping which is the pain of being separated from their home. 

Painful, isn’t it? We understand that being away from your home and elderly members are stressful, and leaving them alone with no help around can get nerve-wracking. At such times you can opt for certain organizations and institutions that offer services such as outdoor work assistant for elderly, nursing care,  hospitalization assistance, doctor home visits, etc.

Besides, consider following a  checklist while opting for care plans for senior citizens and make the necessary arrangements for elderly parents before leaving the country.

Arrangements to be made by the NRIs for elderly parents

  1. Analyze what your parents require, which may include healthcare, companionship, financial security, etc. and arrange accordingly. 
  2. Get your senior parents' health check-up before you leave the country and take all the necessary medical steps. 
  3. Arrange for easy communication and networking so that they can get in touch with you as and when required with convenience.  
  4. Avail nursing care at home services that offer both elderly care and companionship. Aslo, make sure that they offer doctor visit at home to get emergency check-ups. 

In addition, do make sure that you opt for outdoor work helping services to help your aged parents leave the house and  breathe in the fresh air for a while.

Services offered by outdoor work helpers

While you opt for an outdoor work helper do make sure they offer the following services to help your aged parents with their daily chores. Such services include -

1. Grocery shopping assistance:

The fun and refreshment one gets when going for grocery shopping, buy the favourite vegetables, bargain with the shopkeepers, meet a few acquaintances, etc. is irreplaceable. Keeping in mind the happy faces after a good grocery shopping several organizations offer you help to take care of your parents while they are out of the house.  

2. Bank job assistance for elderly: 

Going to the bank to get done with several financial formalities can get stressful on your aged parents. Several bank work services that one may require are - 

3. Outdoor travel assistance for elderly:

Such services may include assistance during temple visits, going to the mall or cinema, etc. or even assistance while travelling at far off places within the city or its vicinity. These types of services ensures safety of your aged parents while offering a change of air. 

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