Busting Myths: Tips To Minimize The Risk Of Coronavirus Infection

It’s been nearly two years since the WHO declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic. While the counties are still grasping the dangers that the Novel Coronavirus poses to humanity – several myths have circulated in every community. 

This has made it all the more problematic for the medical community to fight this pandemic. Now is the time to bust those myths and lay down the facts to contain the spread. Below mentioned will be a couple of myths, actual facts, and tips to stop the spread of Covid-19 infection. 

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Myth 1: Staying isolated at home will cure Covid infection   

Fact: It will NOT. Furthermore, it will elevate the infection if not treated at the earliest. Both the WHO and the GOI have repeatedly mentioned the need for prompt medical help even in cases of the slightest infection. Although isolation is strictly recommended, online consultation with doctors must be simultaneously administered. 

Several researches have confirmed that most people with Covid-19 can recover from it if they immediately seek medical care. This proves especially effective in cases of mild to moderate symptoms. Those include:

Upon such signs, call your nearest healthcare facility. This is applicable to all ages as every individual can potentially be infected with the Coronavirus. 

The WHO has also mentioned that elderly individuals and patients with pre-existing medical conditions are more likely to get severely affected by Covid-19. Therefore, people from all age brackets, especially the aged individuals should follow the measures outlined by the WHO to shield themselves from the virus. 

However, if they have already contracted the virus, do not panic. Get in touch with a healthcare facility in Kolkata offering senior citizen care like Rising Care. They also perform geriatric treatment and care at home.    

Myth 2: Repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers is unsafe 

Fact: It’s the very opposite! 

Alcohol-based sanitizers are safe to use for all age groups and are completely free from causing any health complications. Moreover, sanitizers do not cause antibiotic resistance as most claim. In fact, germs do not seem to build resistance to alcohol. So, you can use it without a shred of doubt. 

It is also safer to use alcohol-based sanitizers than to wear gloves. The latter poses a serious threat of transferring germs and contaminating the surfaces (touched). So, it is safer this way to rub the hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer for 20-30 sec generously on all surfaces of your hand. 

Myth 3:  Catching Coronavirus means you are done for life! 

Fact: Getting exposed to Covid-19 does not mean you will bear it throughout your life. Most of the infected individuals have already recovered and eliminated Coronavirus from their system. However, if you do contract the disease, make sure to treat the symptoms on immediate notice. 

Simply seek professional medical advice from online consultation with doctors or via telephonic conversation. Thanks to Rising Care, most geriatric patients have recovered so far. They specialize in senior citizen care, employ Covid-specialist doctors (for patients of various age brackets), and supply life-saving equipment & drugs. 

Myth 4: Covid-19 virus can only thrive in humid temperatures 

Fact: Alternatively, there is no concrete evidence that cold weather or snow inhibits the multiplication of the Covid-19 virus. So, there is no reason to believe that viruses can only spread in hot and humid climates. 

Expert tips for you –

Always maintain at least 1 meter of physical distance while you’re outdoors. Avoid getting into crowded areas, buses, trains, and other public transport. Stay as much indoors as possible. NO NEED to wear masks at home under normal circumstances or while exercising.

Also, avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes frequently and after you’re in immediate contact with other individuals. Thoroughly clean your hands first with alcohol-based hand-rubs, and sanitize all the contact areas first. Then, you may proceed. 

Myth 5: Spraying your house with bleach and other disinfectants can contain the spread of Covid-19  

Fact: An extremely wrong notion – introducing bleach or other corrosive disinfectants has no link whatsoever in protecting against Covid-19. Moreover, if such substances are wrongly administered, they can contaminate your food. Thus, if ingested, it can cause food poisoning. So, BEWARE. 

Myth 6: Shoes can spread Covid-19 virus 

Fact: The likelihood of shoes spreading the Covid-19 virus is almost negligible to zero. However, practicing the precautionary measure of keeping outside the premises of the home is always encouraged. 
Shoes often come in contact with dirt, dust, and contaminated water. This is often carried with the soles of shoes indoors, thus spreading germs like bacteria. NOT virus by any means! 

Myth 7: Hitting the pools will transmit the virus

Fact: Water as in the case of swimming pools cannot transmit the Covid-19 virus. It only spreads in close contact with an infected individual. Always wear a protective mask and goggles even at your private pool. Hitting the public pools is a STRICT NO not because of the water, but the greater footfall. 

Lastly, thermal checks have proven quite effective in detecting individuals with feverish symptoms. Although it cannot pinpoint the ones affected with Coronavirus, it can certainly send an alarm. Now, if you’re harboring any symptoms of fever, reach out to your nearest healthcare provider like Rising Care. Take online consultation with doctors on immediate notice.