Can The Ones Vaccinated Still Be Infected?

The Covid-19 Vaccines that we have now, are definitely effective in preventing serious illness and death from infection. But these vaccines are definitely not 100% effective in preventing infection from any variant of covid-19. If you’re concerned about what ‘vaccine breakthrough infection’ is all about, it is basically the term used to define cases wherein fully vaccinated people get infected by covid-19.

Things You Should Know About Breakthrough Infections

Vaccinated People Cause Covid-19 Transmission To Others?

Throughout the course of this 2-year pandemic, right from the beginning till today, we have heard several opinions and news about how many people believe that masks don’t work in protecting from covid-19 infection, followed by the bizarre fact around how lemon juice can successfully kill the covid-19 virus, followed by news around how you cannot get the covid infection again if you have already been infected and treated once, ranging to even believing that emergency-use vaccines can change your body’s DNA or is even a way to install a tracking device in your body. 

Let’s make it crystal clear that all this news is a huge pool of rumors and DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! 

Many of you must have questions like what do you need to do to stay safe after you’re fully vaccinated, and whether it is possible for vaccinated people to transmit covid to other people. 

The fact is, being fully vaccinated doesn’t mean winning immunity against the coronavirus. The vaccines will in no way make your covid-immune. Many people towards the beginning believed that getting vaccinated would mean roaming around mask-free but that’s sadly far from reality. 

Especially, the new Omicron variant of the covid-19 has made it pretty clear that no matter how many vaccines we have, they are not going to assure 100% immunity and protection against covid-19 infection. 

Wrapping Up!

This is the time for the world to become more rigid about not letting the guard down. Even though the current vaccines are highly effective, there is still a chance that you get infected. Hence, it is wise to act responsibly and abide by all covid-prevention rules just as we were when the pandemic had just begun, we had no vaccines, and these precautions were the only shield we had. 

Hence, instead of complaining about and needlessly doubting the effectiveness of the existing vaccines, and spreading false rumors to create uncertainty and confusion, it is time that each and every one of us realizes that the vaccines we have, even if not 100% immune to covid, can literally save your life even if your get infected by any variant be it Delta or Omicron.