Covid-19 Pandemic And Home Care Of The Geriatric Population

With so many agencies battling shy of deploying care attendants to the patient’s home, the aged individuals are facing significant difficulties. The coronavirus situation has further spiked the demand for home caregivers. As many elderly citizens demand the expertise of trained caregivers for services like –

Among these individuals, some have recovered from Covid-19 and require post-hospitalization care. 

Spike in demand 

Senior home care services in Kolkata like Rising Care are offering curated services to the septuagenarians & octogenarians in the city. They are receiving calls either from the geriatric population themselves or, from their children/relatives staying abroad. Where most agencies are facing an acute shortage to send nurse attendants to the care seeker's place, we have outshined the others in handling this challenging scenario. Our professionalism and commitment to the cause together with the brightest nurses and doctors have made this possible. 

Nationwide (including Kolkata), healthcare facilities are facing severe problems in bringing their staff to work. While some are stranded in their hometown, others are not willing to work as the Cobid-19 cases are soaring each day. Worst case scenario; some nurse attendants are facing quarantine themselves and are shunned from working for at least a month or two! 

Take for example what Dr. Avinash Rajkumar has to say. As the head of Dept. of medical operations and the founder of NORMS, he stresses – 

“Homecare for geriatric patients (with or without Covid-19) has become the new front. A great many agencies are simply not equipped to offer post-hospitalization care.” 

Then, there’s a challenge to start a service that needs to follow certain protocols in this time of crisis. As if the challenge wasn’t enough in the quarantine period, some of the staff are even making a career shift due to peer and family pressure. This shortage of manpower and too many safety protocols to maintain has opened up this “wound” in a big way. 

How is the challenge met? 

Only a handful of healthcare agencies for senior citizen care are fighting the odds and taking innovative measures to contain the spread and offer services such as –

We encourage digital consultation for elderly individuals facing restricted mobility or quarantined at home. Video and telephonic conversations with doctors' initiatives are specially curated for this purpose only. Along with this, medicine delivery at home and other Covid-19 precautions are taken in full swing. 

Rising Care is taking all the necessary approaches before deploying any nursing at-home care attendants. Our home caregivers follow a cautious approach and take all the mandatory precautions like wearing PPE suits and ensuring both parties do not exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms. Before the coronavirus situation, the nursing services were mostly limited to 12-hour service. Now, to limit the exposure and curb the spread, 24-hour shifts for home attendants have been introduced. 

Regular health checkup 

We acknowledge how stressful it can be for conducting blood pressure tests, blood pressure checks, etc. on a daily basis. It is even more troublesome for senior citizens with dementia and Parkinson’s. This is why we have lifted this burden off your shoulders and have introduced diagnostics at-home services. From –

Our healthcare professionals will take care of these aspects from the start till the end. Simply call us to book a service anytime! 

Physiotherapy at home 

A crucial part of post-hospitalization pain alleviation is physiotherapy. After discharge from hospitals, patients cannot be expected to spring back into action as they face mobility issues. This is where we can improve the situation by bringing personalized care to your doorstep. Our licensed physiotherapists are capable of treating both non-Covid & convalescing Covid patients and ameliorating their healing process. 

Post-Covid rehabilitation 

Convalescing patients (from Covid) need constant attention and care post-hospitalization. We deploy a fully-equipped team of nurses, doctors, and medical attendants to guarantee hospital-like treatment at your residence. From palliative care to set up an ICU at home, we cater to every requirement of our patients. Our highly-trained nurses offer 24/7 assistance for Covid-recovering patients all the while following the Covid-19 safety protocols. 

You can gain from faster recovery along with emotional companionship with the highest standards of medical healthcare at home. Furthermore, you can reap all of these at a much lower cost as compared to other senior citizen care! 

Nutritional guidance  

When focusing on delivering the best quality of elderly care – medicine reminder and nutritional guidance go hand-in-hand. Aged people often forget to take medicines on time and perform simple household chores like cooking. But, when you enlist a 24/7 nurse attendant at home, he/she can cook a nutritious meal for them (keeping the nutrient and calorie count in mind).   

Moreover, at-home doctor services can be arranged in case of emergencies or, for fixing a diet chart and prescribing life-saving medicines.