Different Benefits of Hiring an Elderly Care Service

With time, people are compelled to change their lifestyle. Most of the people spend their young-age with the burden of professional responsibilities. To survive among the tough competition, they have to compromise taking care of their families and elderly parents sometimes. But for no reason, you can or you should compromise or neglect your family, especially your old parents. It is the reasons why elderly care services are the growing requirements of people.
Are you busy with your heavy workload in office? Do you reach late at home at night from your job? You are suffering from emotional troubles that you cannot give much time to your parent who is sick and needs time-to-time medication and care. We are here for your support. We are Rising Care, a trusted organization in Kolkata to ease your problems related to home and elderly care. It is your one-stop destination for any sorts of elder care issues. No more negligence to the senior people of your home. Give them a peaceful environment and much comfort to feel at the home. We, the reputed elder care service in Kolkata are there to support you day night.

It provides a wide range of medical and non-medical assistance to handle any health and home issue carefully and sincerely. The expert services include:

Doctors at home
Senior citizens need a frequent medical checkup to avoid serious complications. They need BP monitoring, pulse rate checking, ECG, and overall health check-up every month. If they are unable to visit the doctor’s chamber or they have any post-operative complication, you have dedicated physicians’ at your home who are specialized in geriatric issues. Get instant services always at this destination.

Medicine delivery
With age, there is an increasing demand for lifesaving medicines. In Kolkata, many senior citizens live alone. They can’t move one store to another for medicines. We, the best elderly care Kolkata understand how strenuous it is to arrange urgent and monthly medicines. And we provide lifesaving drugs and other medicines just right your doorstep. No more tiresome journey for medicines. For any kind of senior care service, contact the organization.

Emergency services
To handle severe and critical medical emergencies, you have emergency services here at this point. For well-equipped ambulance service, a phone call is enough. You will get the ambulance at your doorstep to assist you.

Expert physiotherapy facility
It is specialized in physiotherapy services. The physiotherapists are certified and licensed. For any kind of physiotherapy practices and massages, you will have professional experts at your home at your preferred time.

Lifesaving medical equipment
You will get lifesaving medical equipment such as wheelchairs, oxygen cylinder, heart monitoring machine, ventilator, suction apparatus, pulse machine, and other emergency equipment at your home with Rising Care.

Home care service
The mentioned organization is happy to provide different Home care services in Kolkata at affordable costs. Care managers and other members monitor and supervise continually to assist the senior members with the right medical and non-medical support that they can perform the day-to-day task more efficiently with their assistance.
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