Elderly And Covid-19 Vaccine – All You Need to Know

It was indeed a proud moment for India when the vaccine was first launched. The country currently allows two vaccines, namely Covishield and Covaxin and soon is going to allow the 3rd one (vaccine of Russia) as well, named Sputnik V.

Although there have been several questions and confusions on the effectiveness of the virus, people are not stopping themselves from getting vaccinated.

After all, prevention is better than cure. And how does not want to reduce their chances of being infected? 

Having said that, the Government does not guarantee 100% immunity to the virus after one is vaccinated. However, it is proven to reduce the severity and fatality of the virus if infected. The antibodies formed have been proven strong enough to protect the body from being massively affected by the virus.

India launched the vaccine by allowing those above 60 and 45 with co-morbidities to get vaccinated. As informed in the previous blog, from 1st May onwards those between the age of 18 and 45 will now be allowed to get vaccinated.

But, here lies the question.

After all are vaccinated, are we, especially the older adults, actually safe?

Well, that is a question of touch permutation and combination, whose answer can never be guaranteed. But that shouldn’t stop the elderly from getting vaccinated. As children what you can do is avail home attendants for elderly to take care of them after they are completely vaccinated and address their health abnormalities (if any) post-vaccination at the earliest.

In case you wish to get your aged parents vaccinated, here are some of the points that you should know, which can be of great help throughout the process.

How to get the vaccine?

There are possibly two ways in which you can get your elderly vaccinated. You can follow any one of the following at your convenience.

Method 1 – Health Department 
You can contact your state or local health department to gather the required information about the vaccine and then get yourself vaccinated. While many health departments would require you to schedule an appointment for the vaccination process, some local health departments allow you to get vaccinated without a prior appointment. You will only need your Aadhaar Card to register on spot and get vaccinated.

Get in touch with the officials to gather the required information before you choose your day for getting your aged parents vaccinated.

You can also get in touch with Rising Care or opt for a home attendant for elderly or our vaccination assistance services to escort your aged parents and ease the process for them.

Method 2 – Through the portal The Government of India launches a portal cowin.gov.in through which individuals can register for Covid-19 vaccines and schedule a suitable vaccination slot at the nearest vaccination centre.  You can choose to directly register through the portal by sharing your mobile number and your Aadhaar number (alternatively you can use any other identity proof as per availability) or register through the Aarogya Setu app. 

Currently, you can register up to 4 members against one phone number. Once you register with your number, enter the OTP and your identity proof details to book your slot. Once both the doses of the vaccine are completed, you can download your e-certificate through the portal itself.   
Need help? Call us now and enjoy vaccination assistance to help your aged parents get vaccinated comfortably.  
What are the common side effects?

The common side effects post-vaccination may include – 

Although the side effects are quite similar to the symptoms of Covid-positive patients, there are fewer instances of people who tested Covid-positive after getting the vaccines. 

However, to deal with the side effects you can avail home attendant for elderly and address the abnormalities or difficulties faced by the older adults post-vaccination. 

You can also get in touch with us to address any form of emergency and offer your aged parents quality treatment on time.

How to deal with the side effects?  
Considering the side effects are nothing too severe, it can be managed effectively. But when it comes to those above 60, special care and attention is needed. This is why having a home attendant for elderly is the most convenient way to deal with the situation. In case the vaccinated elderly feels dizzy or develops abnormal symptoms, the attendant can assist him/her to the doctor or address the situation as recommended by the doctor. You can also consider online doctor consultation or teleconsultation to seek medical advice from your doctor as and when required.  
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Rising Care is one of the pioneering geriatric care agencies catering to the needs of the aged and helping them age gracefully and lead a healthy and serene life. 
Our home attendants are adequately trained to address medical emergencies till proper medical attention is availed. Besides, they can also help your aged parents with online consultations, daily chores and other necessities. 
So, if you are planning to get your aged parents inoculated or have got them vaccinated already avail our vaccination services or home attendant for elderly respectively to help your aged parents deal with the situation.