Home Care Services in Kolkata: 7 Must-Ask Questions Before You Sign-Up

When you opt for home care services in Kolkata or sign up your aged parents or other elders, do so after some careful thought and research on the institute that is offering the service.

Ask the professional care services questions that you are curious about and need the answers to. In case you have no questions to ask, why don’t you look at this list of questions that we came up with so that you can be certain that you are availing of the best facility for your loved ones.

Home Care Services in Kolkata: 7 Must-Ask Questions Before You Sign-Up

Check out these 7 questions you should ask before you sign-up for home care services in Kolkata. 

The first question you should obviously ask pertains to the charges. See if the home care centre fits into your budget. You may be retired now and it may not be possible for you to spend a lot of money on home care. So talk money first.

home care services in Kolkata

Ask how you can pay for the services, in instalments or at one down payment.

Next talk about the services that they offer. Ask them what are the services that are included for the fees.

In case you want some services that are not specified in the list of services, ask how you can opt for them and whether you will need to pay extra.

Ask if the carers have been verified by the local police station. This is highly necessary to maintain the safety of elders.

home care services in Kolkata

Ask what is the protocol in case the senior passes away. You need to be sure that the next of kin will be informed. Moreover, make sure you get your legal affairs in order.

Suppose you don’t like the home care services in Kolkata, ask them if you can get a refund of your money. Clear these questions right away with the service provider.


Home care services in Kolkata are growing in popularity every day as old people are left alone in Kolkata to fend for themselves while their offspring go abroad for work. Hence, there is an inevitable need for services that will care for the aged. Rising Care is one such home care service that is preferred by the citizens of Kolkata.