Home Care Services On Elder Abuse

The United Nations celebrates World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on 15th June every year. By 2030, the persons aged 60 and above will grow from 1 billion to 1.4 billion, which will drastically outnumber the youth. Given the number of older persons, Rising Care, a premiere home care service, is here to spread awareness about the day.

So on that note join Rising Care as they explore the different types of elder abuse.

The 5 Types of Elder Abuse

When someone harms an elder person or puts them at risk of harm, or does not take adequate action to save them from being abused, it is considered elder abuse. In this blog, we will look at the 5 different types of elder abuse.

The person in charge of the elder person may have abandoned them or left them in a care centre, nursing home, hospital or other care facilities. The formal caregiver has abandoned the responsibility of taking care of the person.

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When the elder person is subject to emotional or psychological abuse through acts that inflict mental pain and cause fear or distress in the elder, then it is tantamount to emotional abuse. Emotional abuse may take different forms such as threatening them, calling them names, or cutting off the elder from resources and loved ones.

The illegal, unauthorised and improper usage of an elder’s resources is known as financial abuse. Anyone in charge of the elder’s finances can commit such a deed. If you are looking for suitable home care services that provide financial care for the elder, then Rising Care is your best option.

In case the formal caregiver is not taking adequate care of the elder, it is known as neglect. The signs of neglect include dehydration and malnutrition. The caregiver may fail to pay proper attention to the elder person and provide for their needs.

If the elder person has been harmed physically, that is beaten or has scrapes, cuts, broken bones, or sprains, due to physical abuse. Always ask the caregiver how the injuries occurred. If you find something suspicious, report it immediately to a higher authority.

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In conclusion, Rising Care, the home care services, is committed to the care of elders. They provide services that are necessary for any elder person living on their own. The caregivers from Rising Care are very professional and have been vetted thoroughly. Hence, you can choose them for their professionalism and their care and concern towards the elder.