Home Care Setup For Elderly Patients – Know why you require Elderly Care Equipment at Home

With age, a simple task can seem like breaking a hill. Mobility issues, constant physical trouble, degrading financial stability and increasing dependency, all leads to deteriorating both mental and physical health.

Also, the degrading health stands the root cause of several accidents which further worsens the situation. Such situations increase the need for constant health monitoring and maintenance. Several accidents can cause hospitalisation and might require to be admitted for a longer period.

Why let your aged parents suffer in an uncomfortable and strange sanctuary? With the availability of elderly care equipment you can easily create the required environment for your parents and treat them at the comfort of their homes. However, your aged parents may require specific equipment that may not be available in the day-to-day market. In such cases you can fall back to health care agencies like us. Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers you medical equipment to address the at-home critical care of your aged parents.

Some of the widely required medical equipment are –

1. BiPAP


3. Oxygen Concentrator

4. ICU Setup

5. Wheel chair

6. Walking sticks and more

Apart from the 6 mentioned equipment there are more that may be taken into consideration. However, those may not be required on a daily basis.

Now, let us understand what situation can these elderly care equipment tackle –

  1. Mobility issues – 

Restricted mobility is one of these greatest challenges faced by the senior citizens. With bones weakening over the years, even running errands to the washroom or the next room may require support. To deal with such conditions you can opt for wheelchairs, canes or walkers. Alternatively, you can also purchase walking sticks that would act as a support whenever your aged parents would like to walk. Nevertheless make sure that you monitor whenever the senior citizen is on his/her walking spree. In case the situation goes wrong you can always avail the emergency ambulance services Kolkata, West Bengal and cater to be necessities.

  1. Daily activity – 

Daily activities too may require help. Making your home just 'senior-citizen friendly' will not do the job. You may have to seek a helping hand from the healthcare agencies. Besides, equipment like BiPAP, CPAP and Oxygen concentrator may be required on a daily basis for patients suffering from sleep apnoea, lung illness or breathing problems.

  1. Emergency – 

Dealing with emergencies may seem difficult but has to be catered. Accidents or sudden deterioration of health may call for the requirement of the emergency ambulance services Kolkata, West Bengal. Alongside, keep equipment like an oxygen concentrator handy to bring down the severity of the situation.

  1. Health monitoring – 

ICU setup at-home will not only address serious tuition but also help in regular health monitoring. This can help you keep a track on the health condition of your aged parents and consult with the doctor before the situation gets out of hand.

Now that you know the medical equipment you may require and the situation that you can cater to with these equipment, consider dialling us up whenever required so that we can help you address any situation as fast as possible. Contact Us now!

At Rising Care Senior Health Solution, we ensure better health of the senior citizens!