How are Metro Cities Benefiting from Healthcare Companies During this Pandemic and Lockdown Scenario?

All of us have been left with scrambled pieces to adjust in this COVID-19 lockdown scenario. In a bid to ‘enrich lives’ in the time of social distancing – most of us, especially the elderly are facing emotional distancing. Caring for the seniors all the while minimising the associated risks can be a challenging affair!

Elderly care in Kolkata in this historical anomaly although it is tough, it is not next to impossible either. Seeing senior healthcare agencies instilling a sense of faith and assurance have ratcheted up feelings of certainty and comfort. As you know, Rising Care is keeping no stones unturned to combat the spread of Coronavirus as we continue to address the health and other concerns of the elderly in this lockdown situation.

Offering senior citizen care in Kolkata, we work tirelessly to cater to the physical demands of our elderly clients along with addressing the daily chores requirement and other outdoor work. In taking steps to reduce age-related risks, we recognize that managing their mental health in this stressful interval is equally crucial as guarding their physical wellbeing. This has prompted us to embrace this ‘change’ and empower our aged citizens for a speedy recovery.

Leading healthcare organisations offering senior citizen care are constantly looking for ways to make their everyday life simple and special. Rising Care’s attendant services at home in Kolkata not only take care of the daily essentials (like bathing, dressing, feeding, walking assistance), they travel the extra mile to make their aged clients feel content in every possible way. Apart from the usual medical services, our attendants also offers outdoor work assistance for-

We also maintain a liaison with the doctors and our members, along with other medical service like -


It can be a tough choice for seniors to accept new limitations in life and cope up with the present scenario. Our nurses at home in Kolkata understand that and hence, show extreme compassion and try to connect with their aged clients in an emotional plane. Rising care caregivers are trained to provide special assistance that goes beyond the activities of daily living (ADLs) like:

This makes your life easier to navigate this situation by not being alone. You have the senior citizen care agencies on your side this time!

Apart from ADLs, these healthcare organisations take veterans assistance to the next level. From aiding nuclear families in implementing and managing long-term elderly care practices to mitigating other senior citizen needs – they have been formidable in this challenging lockdown scenario.

So, it is recommended to stay in touch with these healthcare companies for the elderly in these troubled times to make your parents’ life easier and less tiring. From medication to providing emergency ambulance services in Kolkata, doctors at your doorstep to 24X7 nursing care agencies like us do not mind taking the extended route.

In this COVID-19 lockdown scenario, senior citizens stay confined within the four-walls of their home. So, we extend our services to regular visits and health monitoring along with physiotherapy at home. Reputed elderly healthcare services can also attend to monthly medical supply and bring medical equipment at your doorstep. Thus, offering a 360-degree holistic approach to senior citizen care, these healthcare companies are a life-saver for metropolitans in this gripping pandemic situation.