How Does a Home Attendant Help the Elderly with Hearing Loss?

According to Johns Hopkins, 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss.

Suffering from post-lingual deafness can cause a lot of anxiety, depression, and withdrawal from society in the old person.

Moreover, they may also be at risk of falling down which is likely to occur three times more in persons with mild hearing loss.

On that note, we look at how a home attendant for the elderly can help care for the elder person who is suffering from post-lingual deafness.

4 Ways A Home Attendant for the Elderly Can Help Elders with Hearing Loss

A caregiver from an organisation like Rising Care usually has the task of taking care of an elder person with hearing loss. This job is not easy. As the elder person may frequently ask the caregiver to repeat themselves or they may be unable to understand what others say, leaving them feeling lonely, isolated and depressed. What can a caregiver do in such cases? Find out!

Often the caregiver will have to resort to visual aids to communicate well with the elder suffering from hearing loss. Or else, they will have to speak clearly in a low-pitched voice while making eye contact and facing the patient. This may help in better communication.

The next step is to introduce the patient to local deaf and hard-of-hearing organizations so that they can learn sign language and begin to pick up a new way of communication. If the patient is reluctant, try to get their family on board with the idea. Then the elder will at least not feel alone and begin to communicate with sign language.

The caregiver can help the elder person choose a hearing aid. Rising Care can help the elder get in touch with the right kind of doctor so that they can be properly diagnosed and fitted with a hearing aid. There are different types of hearing aids available in the market at present, and an audiologist can help the elder choose and get fitted with the most suitable hearing aid device.

The caregiver from Rising Care will be very patient with the senior, making use of notes on paper or chalkboard if necessary. This type of written communication can help the seniors communicate more effectively.


If you require a home attendant for the elderly in Kolkata for a senior with hearing loss, choose to contact Rising Care today. Our team will help the senior maintain a dignified and social lifestyle with our trained caregivers. Rest assured that the senior will not feel isolated or frustrated when coping with their post-lingual deafness.