How India’s Second Wave Of Covid-19 Affecting The Elderly

The last year has been full of struggles. Although we hoped for the better, 2021 does not seem to be any better. The impact of the second hit, with the discovery of the second strain, can be clearly visible among the elderly. 

The fear of being infected and locked up in their homes are indeed taking a toll on their mental and physical health.  

As the storm is yet to pass, people now need to again become aware and take all the precautionary steps to contain the spread. 

Alas, things are not going the way we wanted them to be. People are now fearless in comparison to last year, and the use of masks and sanitizers are reducing each day. 

Although we can battle the situation, the elderly are facing many issues. The risk of Covid-19 increases with age, the senior citizens being at higher risk. It is therefore important to opt for a diagnosis at home for elderly to detect the presence of the virus in the body. 

The Government of India previously allowed only those above 60 and above 45 with co-morbidities to get vaccinated. As per the new amendment, those above 18 will now be eligible to get vaccinated to secure themselves from May 1st, 2021. However, the Government does not guarantee that they will be protected completely and will be 100% immune from getting infected. 


Yes, let us know in detail!

How is the second strain affecting the ones vaccinated?    

India approves two vaccines as of now, Covishield and Covaxin, and the third is supposedly still under examination, namely Sputnik V of Russia. India allows individuals above 60 and above 45 with co-morbidities to get inoculated. However. The vaccines do not claim 100% protection against the virus. Instead, the leading doctors state that people who are vaccinated will still be at risk of getting infected, nevertheless, the body will now be prepared to fight against the virus and the effects will be adverse for them as it would have been pre-vaccination. 

In simple terms, people who are vaccinated will be able to produce better immune responses and the body will be able to fight without feeling feeble or getting extremely ill. 

Although there are still questions about the effectiveness of the virus, it is better to opt for diagnosis at home for elderly to be aware if the senior individual is infected or not. 

Also, before you take your senior member for vaccination, it is advised by the covid specialists to get them tested. 


If your older member is infected and then gets the vaccine shot, the chances of falling seriously ill and the chances of the condition turning fatal is significantly high. 

Therefore, before you get them vaccinated opt for a diagnosis at home for elderly and be sure they are Covid-19 negative. 

Furthermore, the vaccine detects the new strain as a strange body, and hence the body may not be able to fight against the new strain effectively. Hence, it is advisable to consult with your doctors to learn about the new strain. 

How is the new strain affecting the lives of senior citizens?

As India suffers the menace of the new strain of Covid-19, the senior citizens are being highly affected. With the massive wave sweeping through, the possibilities of a lockdown are high. Moreover, certain states are already taking steps like night curfew, Section 144 and others to contain the spread. 

Hence, it is always advisable to get your aged member frequently tested to get the treatment started as early as possible as needed. For further safety, you can opt for diagnosis at home for elderly and get them tested conveniently. 

The fear of lockdown and being trapped in this storm is taking a toll on the health of the elderly. And yet again, the elderly will be locked up in their homes with no more outdoor walks and freshness. 

Besides, as we, the succeeding generation will again get locked in our computers, we will again fail to provide quality time to the elderly, thus leaving them, yet again, alone and depressed. 

This loneliness and depression further affect the physical health of the elderly, making situations a bit difficult for us and a bit more difficult for them. 

The restriction of movement makes way for physical constraints, thus leaving many bedridden or suffering from disabilities. 

Why is it necessary to take extra precautions, especially for the elderly? 

The second strain being quite new and fresh, and spreading like wildfire, India is struggling to offer quality care to the ones infected. Lack of blood, oxygen, hospital beds, medicine supply and proper treatment is increasing the death toll by a heartbreaking number. Also, the shortage of space in morgues and crematoriums and the scenario of mass burning of the dead bodies in an enclosed area are indeed creating much panic, especially for the elderly. 

To avoid such petrifying scenarios, it is advisable to keep your aged member protected and safe by every means possible. Get your aged member tested for Covid-19 frequently and give them the required treatment before it is too late. Opt for teleconsultations or online consultations to be in constant touch with your physician and to be aware of the current health condition and the need for emergency medical care. 

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