How Physiotherapy at Home Can Prove Beneficial for you?

Health care agencies offering physiotherapy services at home are becoming an increasing lean on phenomena. These “mobile” physiotherapists offer home visit consultation, quite contrary, to traditional physiotherapists who are employed in “brick-and-mortar” clinics.

Be it for injury-related immobility or a work/sports related disability, in-home physiotherapy promotes speedy recovery and minimises long-term damage.

Apart from improving your quality of life, there are notable benefits as well like –


Personal safety

A significant benefit of availing physiotherapy services at home is safety. It eliminates your burden of commuting to a distant clinic (physically) especially for the elderly and the disabled.

Although, several patients often demonstrate their tenacity of driving to physiotherapy clinics for the


weekend consultations; the bottom line is – driving to and fro from such facilities can be potentially dangerous, if not fatal!

When you go for physiotherapy services at home, you can fix a day and time, for the mobile physiotherapist to drop at your residence and commence your treatment.



For patients with serious mobility issues, avoiding any outside movement by staying within the confinement of their home is a common occurrence.

Moreover it is technically unsafe for them to travel such a long distance without any proper help. So, why take the hassle?


Our dedicated team of physiotherapists are committed to alleviate your pain and improve your overall health. Moreover, we offer lucrative healthcare packages in Kolkata to serve you holistically!

From providing intellectual companionship to 24/7 nurse or ayah attendees, we go a step further to help you heal better and faster. Get in touch with us TODAY.


Lower overhead cost

Finance can be a huge motivating factor for many!

And we acknowledge that at every step. Our aim to revolutionize in-home physiotherapy services comes after a budget-friendly cost.

Instead of operating from a physical clinic with higher fixed cost and income uncertainty, “mobile” physiotherapists are changing the way you perceive allied health practitioners.

This has also been a convincing factor of introducing physiotherapy services at home in Kolkata.


Personalized care

Physiotherapy is much more than alleviating your restricted mobility. When a trained physiotherapist visits your residence, he or she is most likely to make some additional modifications and recommendations for enhancing your recovery process!

Search benefits are clearly missing in case of traditional clinics.

Apart from this factor, in-home physiotherapy sessions can be tailor-made as per the need arises. Plus, there's the advantage of gaining longer treatment time as compared to routine clinic visits.

It’s a Win-Win!


More progress, more comfort

Undeniably, the benefit which you received from physiotherapy services at home is unparalleled.

From receiving world class treatment in the comfort of your own space to relaxing without the awkward stare of passer-by, results are more prominent and progressive when the focus is solely on you. Plus there is no waiting time and the stress of going back home in time!


Summing up...

All of these are convincing enough for you to adopt such revolutionary services. Now, it's up to you to choose a healthcare service provider that offers the best deal.