How to Apply for Elderly Home Care in Kolkata?

About 5.7% of India’s senior citizens live alone. The sad part is living alone increases the risk of falling ill sooner, deteriorating health conditions, and a rise in loneliness.

For those adults who are looking for someone to care for their parents, or other seniors in their lives, and don’t know how to go about it, this blog is for you.

Rising Care offers home care services for elders in Kolkata.Most Seniors Don’t Want to Move Out of Their Homes…

Most seniors who live alone do not want to move out of their homes. They are attached to their abodes and enjoy the independence and prestige that living in their own space brings.

We understand this, and we encourage that seniors should continue to reside in their own homes with dignity and peace. That is why Rising Care provides home attendants for the elderly, instead of running a senior centre. But how do you apply for this home care or elder care service?

Find out below.

How to Apply for Elderly Home Care/ Services in Kolkata?

What are the Advantages of Choosing Elder At-home Care?

Why should you choose Rising Care Kolkata as the home care service for your respected seniors? We’ll tell you why you can trust us.

Offers Professional Care

All our caregivers are trained, professional, and have years of experience dealing with elderly people. Since elderly persons require specialised care and attention, our workers are trained to care expertly for your seniors.

Offers Physiotherapy

We offer physiotherapy to our clients should they require it. Our physiotherapy experts are always ready to help those with arthritis and other medical conditions to exercise their limbs.  

Offers Nursing Care

Those senior citizens who require nursing care post their surgeries or major illness can opt for Rising Care’s services. We offer such services at competitive costs for senior citizens.

Offers Post-Hospitalization Care

Post-hospitalization care from Rising Care is worth looking into. For more details, you can contact us at our numbers given above.

How Much Does Elderly Home Care Cost?

The costs of Elderly home care from Rising Care in Kolkata depends on the package that you avail of. The package costs come at ?7,000 to ?10,000 a month. Other specialised care comes at an extra charge of Rs. 500. Hence, the pricing structure of Rising Care is pretty nominal.


Having a home attendant for the elderly can be the biggest gift you could ever give your parents. The home attendant will take care of the elderly person in a compassionate, dignified and kind manner such that they do not get flustered or bothered.

Rising Care is a home care service for the elderly, but it is more than that. It is also a friend and companion for the aging person.