How To Help Your Aged Parents To Deal With The Possible 2nd Wave of Covid?

Kolkata slowly seems to accept the ‘New Normal’ and slowly there is a sign of life in the City of Joy. The best can be understood from the increase in the number of hawkers that the storm has passed away. 

But has it?

Well, it is too early to say that the worst is over. There are speculations about a second hit of the deadly coronavirus which might again break the flow of the city. 

A slow increase in the number of cases has been noted since some days, which may be an indication of the reappearing storm. Although, after several trials and errors, we have finally been able to launch our shield to win the situation and defeat the deadly virus. 

But, not all can get the shot. Currently, people above the age of 60 and those above 45 with co-morbidities can get vaccinated. And hence doctors are advocating caution and repeatedly warning against laxity. The situation can get highly difficult for older people and they are more at risk and hence quality elderly care should be one of our priorities today.  

But is the vaccine bringing an end to the covid-era?   

It is indeed quite difficult to assume now!

Some of the top and senior doctors have already stated that the threat of a second wave continues to persist, although the pressure seems to ease, it is too early to draw a conclusion currently.  

Keeping the current condition in mind, Rising Care – one of the leading senior care service providers are going out of their way to render care and assistance through their customized elderly care plans to help the senior citizens battle the catastrophe. 

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Now that there are speculations about the second wave, how do we deal with it? Will the vaccine suffice? 

One must understand that the vaccine will serve as a shield but there is no such claim that being inoculated will prevent one from being infected. 

Even after the shot, there are chances of being infected, however, the rate of it being deadly on the patient will be reduced.   

In addition, as the elderly are at a higher risk of getting infected, special care should be taken to help the senior citizens deal with the possible second wave of Covid. 

Stay indoors 

As there are chances of a second hit, and a slight increase in the number of cases has also been recorded, it is recommended for the older people to stay indoors as much as possible. You can avail of elderly care services to help your older loved ones. 

While they are indoors, kindly keep them engaged so that there is no atmosphere of panic and distress. In case of medical queries, you can opt for online or teleconsultation to keep in constant touch with your doctor. 

Teleconsultation is of prime importance to deal with such a scenario. The older persons can get in touch with their doctor conveniently, without having to step out of their homes or visiting the chambers and reducing the chances of getting infected. 

Need help? 

Rising Care offers online and tele consultations with doctors so that you can get in touch with your physicians at the comfort of your home.   

Being aware 

It is important to be aware of but not panic. Keep your aged parents updated about the upcoming wave and how to protect themselves. Besides, it is important to be alert and avoid fake news as this may only increase panic, especially among the aged. 

Seek medical consultation 

In case you find your aged parents possessing symptoms of flu or respiratory illness, it is important to consult a doctor and get tested. Avoid chambers or hospitals and opt for online or teleconsultation for a primary recommendation. 

Remember, it is not a common cold or flu and hence you must not ignore it. Get in touch with doctors dealing with this new disease since the last year to avail accurate treatment. 

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Basic prevention  

Before the wave hits, it is recommended that you practise the basic preventive measures such as the washing of hands, wearing masks and practising social distancing.  

To help your aged parents with such preventive measures opt for elderly care plans from Rising Care and help them deal with the possible Covid-19 second wave. 

Prevent travelling 

Travelling in this scenario is not a wise decision, especially for older people. Since they are at a higher risk of being infected, avoid travel as much as possible till the storm passes away. 

Last words… 

Taking care of the senior citizens is of paramount importance to help them deal with the possible 2nd wave of Covid-19. Along with the above-mentioned points, do make sure that your aged parents do not feel lonely or deprived of love. Offer them quality time so that they can be happy even in such a scenario. 

You can avail elderly care services like Intellectual companionship from Rising Care to provide your aged parents with a companion till you are capable of spending time with them.