How to Prevent Emotional Distancing among the Elderly During the ‘Social Distancing’ Scenario?


Lockdowns. Quarantine. Social distancing.

These three words are haunting us more than ever before! With the deadline of nationwide lockdown hanging on a dystopian belief, the emotional well-being of its people is in shambles.

Worst hit are the senior citizens whose semi-socializing spree has been brought to a complete halt. Under these circumstances, it is our duty to bring about a change in the lives of the elderly.

From partaking in counseling, nursing and physiotherapy at home in Kolkata to spending quality time with the aged – here is a list of how to avoid emotional distancing in this challenging scenario!

Focus on what is in your hand

Lack of control can bring stress – which is particularly dangerous in case of the aged people.

Instead of going total bonkers during this lockdown phase, try to focus on what you can control. Help your aged parents to make a list of to-do things which they can engage during this physical distancing situation.



If you’re unable to be physically present with them, avail nursing service in Kolkata at their residence. These trained health personnel can help the elderly with their daily chores & making their indoor activities seamless as well.

Healthcare agencies offering senior care like Rising Care Senior Health Solution have been exceptional so far in helping the aged to bring out the better versions of their current selves!

Your parents and other aged members of your household need a well nutrition diet to stay healthy.

This isn’t everything!

You must always make sure they take the proper medication before or after meals. But, this often poses a challenge for our seniors who suffer from poor eyesight & other age-related ailments. Plus, there are chances of poisoning if they cannot read the labels of food they are allergic to!

To tackle this entire situation, a 24X7 nursing service in Kolkata is crucial for the safety of the elderly. Along with it, you can also arrange for the supply of emergency medicines at home.

Eat & Sleep well

Then there’s the need for a good sleep. But, most of the elderly people need the help of medication. Also, the chances of falling down in midnight bathroom escapades must not be ignored! . 

Hence, keeping in touch with senior healthcare agencies like Rising Care Senior Health Solution will help you with emergency medical support & ambulance services, regular doctor visits and delivering life saving medical equipment at home. . 

Set up “buddy” group

The world has never been as online as now!. 

With Government propaganda on connecting with our loved ones over online portals, our aged parents & relatives shouldn’t be far behind. And, the best way to do that is setting up like-minded groups and engaging in meaningful conversations. Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers such social support, where the team keeps in contact with the aged members.