How to Take Care of your Parents Post COVID-19?


The most common word it is now developing into a “buzz word” in 2020. 

The world just seems to fail in freeing itself from the shackles of the coronavirus. Needless to say the lockdown seems to be never ending. 

Standing in July 2020, there are some states who are now practicing the “unlock program” but this unlock too has its lockdown restrictions. 


That’s too much of a lockdown discussion!

Although it is a dream, let us imagine the approaching COVID free world. Teenagers or adults, the post COVID scenario seems to be a happening affair. 

Don't you dream of visiting your relatives or your friends as soon as the lock down lifts completely?

However, the situation isn’t similar for senior citizens. 

There are several challenges that these senior citizens are bound to face once the coronavirus decides to finally free us. 

As a healthcare agency, we take matters into our hand and offer the required post COVID care to the senior citizens. For help, you can always get in touch with us. 

Rising Care has been serving even during the lockdown months and hence we won't stop once the lockdown lifts. Be it medicine delivery at home or providing a male nurse at home in Kolkata we vouch to cater to all. 

Nonetheless, there are some steps that you are required to follow to keep your aged parents healthy and happy in the post COVID world. 

Step 1 – Counselling 

The lockdown will have a drastic effect on the mental and emotional health of the senior citizens. If you feel that something is off about your aged parents then counselling is your answer. Although, you can for sure opt for online counselling if the situation requires. If not, make it a point to opt for a psychiatrist at home and get your aged parents checked and treated accordingly. This can help treat any signs of depression or emotional imbalance caused during the pandemic.  

Step 2 – Medical check-up 

Post the counselling session, make sure to get your aged parents thoroughly checked by a medical professional to ensure that your parents are not suffering from any kind of diseases. Also, if there are any running conditions that should be checked too. As a helping hand you can appoint a female or male nurse at home in Kolkata to assist in taking your aged parent to the doctor’s chamber. Alternatively, you can also opt for doctor visits at home if your parents are unable to move.

Step 3 - Arrange for all the medical requirements as per doctor’s recommendation

Once your parents are medically checked, consider abiding by the doctor’s recommendations. It is best that you hire a female or male nurse at home in Kolkata to keep the health condition of your aged parents under continuous check. Proper monitoring is of high importance for your parents. Besides, these nurses can also help in daily chores, keeping nutrition and hydration under check and also serves as a great companion. In addition to the above, make arrangements for medical equipment if necessary, such as oxygen concentrator, BiPAP, CPAP and more. Also if there is a requirement considered availing physiotherapy at home services to cater to the fitness questions of your aged parents.

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