Is Coronavirus highly dangerous for the elderly? Know what to do for senior citizen care

With various news on Coronavirus, it is known to have affected China at a massive rate and is also spreading rapidly across the globe. Starting as common cough and cold, it gradually affects the respiratory system of the patient leading to severe infections causing death. 

The virus proves highly fatal senior citizens and those with a poor immune system. This raises the pressing requirement for proper elderly care. However, with passing days a handful of survival news has also been aired, such as – 

A Thai woman, 73 years old, stands the first to be infected by Coronavirus in Thai National. In spite of suffering from heart complications alongside, she successfully survives the fatal infection against all odds. 

Furthermore, battling Coronavirus will depend on the patient’s immune system, preventive methods and care. Hence, proper elderly care stands out to be a persistent requirement to help aged parents in preventing battling the infection. 

Shared below are some of the details of Coronavirus that you should know about – 

What are Coronaviruses?

Coronaviruses are kinds of viruses that are known to affect the respiratory organ or tract of mammals. The World Health Organization, commonly termed as WHO, officially names the Coronavirus as Covid-19. 

Coronavirus is said to hold a long incubation period that may lead to an increased chance of infecting others around while in the asymptomatic clinical state. Owing to the long incubation period, patients infected are suggested to be kept quarantine or isolated for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

On the other hand, the patient needs to undergo immense care and assistance to help survive the battle. In several cases, emergency hospitalization assistance may also be required if the symptoms are found strong or if the condition seems to deteriorate.

What are the Symptoms of Coronaviruses?

At the initial stages, coronavirus affects as a common cold or normal flu. With day, the symptoms are seen to deteriorate along with an acute respiratory condition that may lead to death. Some of the common symptoms are – 

This viral infection severely affects the elderly along with patients that hold other comorbidities such as COPD, diabetes, chronic heart failures, Asthma, etc. 

How to prevent Coronaviruses?

Owing to the severity of the infection, proper senior citizen care and preventions is highly essential. Some of the preventions for you to consider are – 

  1. Patients infected with the virus should be kept in isolation for a minimum of 2 weeks. 
  2. Avoid any kind of physical contact with the ones infected. Physical contact may include, handshakes, hugs, etc. 
  3. Adequate water intake must be considered to keep one hydrated. Consider having warm water as frequently as possible. 
  4. Prevent from drying the upper airway passage. 
  5. Proper hygiene should be maintained. 
  6. Hospitalization assistance in case of emergency. 
  7. Medicines like paracetamol can act as a primary cure to reduce fever or pain. 
  8. Increase the rate of awareness among your friends and peers. 
  9. In case you have been infected, it is advisable to contact the concerned authority to avail immediate help. For Kolkata, consider contacting the authorities of ID Hospital situated at Beleghata.   

The ones infected can sometimes fail to monitor the symptoms, especially the senior citizens. In such cases, it is beneficial to avail professional parental care services. 

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