Is The New Covid Strain Different? How To Deal?

Kolkata is slowly gaining its pace back. The busy streets are back with its sweet cacophony while people are all out on the roads flaunting their freedom and obviously their all-time partner - masks.

But is it all safe now?

The answer is no!

There has been quite a speculation about the second wave of coronavirus. Some of the leading researchers and doctors quoted, “It is too early to claim that the worst is over”

That being said, the storm is yet to pass!

The new covid variant – SARS-CoV-2 is back and no amount of contingency plans can help prevent it. The mutated variant is expected to bring-in more loss and death

And again...

This mutated variant, discovered first in the south-east of England, delivers more risk for the older people and now, the younger ones as well. With almost all ages being at risk, the mortality rate is expected to be significantly high.

Do you have an elderly back at home?

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Although the people of Kolkata are still lucky enough to not have been attacked by the new strain (fingers crossed), there is no guarantee as such that we will remain safe.

Well, by now we are sure that you are worried about the new coronavirus strain and certainly have older people at home. Given that you are still reading this article, we can assume that you are searching for help so that you can take care of your older members.

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Moving on… 

Let us learn more about the new strain.

What is the new strain and how deadly it is? 

Termed as the new UK variant or Kent Variant (B.1.1.7), the SARS-CoV-2 is a mutated variant of the original coronavirus. It holds genetic mutation in the spike protein that makes it easier for the virus to affect and spread quickly from the affected to another. Adept doctors and researchers cited that this new strain may be 70% more deadly than the previous one. It is highly contagious and more infectious than its original variant. England experiences a significant rise in the number of covid cases and the maximum of the population is affected by the new strain. 

The SARS-CoV-2 has a higher mortality rate and both the older and younger people alike fall under the high-risk group. The virus is difficult to locate as it shows no or minimal symptoms that are similar to other common diseases.

In case you have an aged at home, it is important that you opt for diagnosis at home for elderly to get them tested. 

Should you seek medical attention? 

A big YES! 

Given that it is difficult to locate and is a tricky disease, medical attention seems highly necessary. It is paramount to stay vigilant, educated and aware of the new strain so that it can be convenient to contain the spread. Being in constant touch with a covid specialist during this phase will help in avoiding unnecessary panic. 

The new strain exhibits similar symptoms to that of the original one, such as – 

In case your symptoms seem to worsen, get in touch with a doctor immediately. Along with the above, the new strain also exhibits new symptoms like diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, discolouration of the toes and fingers, skin rashes, and headache.

However, seek immediate medical attention if you experience – 

In the case of an aged person, opt for diagnosis at home for elderly to get them tested and avail medical services as necessary.

How to deal with the new strain? 

Along with keeping in constant touch with your physician, it is essential for you to isolate yourself till you receive your covid reports. If you are tested positive, avoid coming in contact with others. Keep following up with your medical professional and continue your medication as prescribed.

The covid symptoms are expected to stay for a week or two or extend for a month. However, if the symptoms linger on for longer and there is no sign of recovery get yourself tested again and admit yourself to a covid-specialised hospital if necessary.

Summing it up…

Do not panic and stay indoors as much as possible. If positive, avoid coming in contact with your loved ones and follow the instructions of your doctor.   
In case the patient is aged, opt for diagnosis at home for elderly as well as online doctor consultations from Rising Care and assist your older loved ones to recover faster and safer.