Kolkata: The Safest Metro City For Senior Citizens | Now Keep Your Aged Parents Safe With Our At-Home Senior Care Services

Kolkata has been declared as one of the safest metro cities. However, crime seems to spike up with each passing day. 

As per the leading media houses, senior citizens have become a severe victim to such hooliganism and their safety is being compromised. As per a recent report, Kolkata accounts for 20 criminal cases against senior citizens. 

Although the highest cases have been recorded in Delhi with 906 criminal offences, there are no chances that one should take when it comes to the safety and security of the elderly. 
Installing CCTV cameras, alarms and other safety devices can be a great way to deter crime but not avoid it completely. 

Having said that, the situation turns to be further grim for seniors residing alone, with cash or valuable belongings and nobody around to take care of. They fall prey to the criminals and are targeted at every minute of the day. 

To tackle such situations and to avoid compromising the safety of older adults, availing  senior care services seems to be a beneficial option. 

One prominent name that has earned the reputation of being associated with quality at home senior care for years and has been offering safety and security to older adults is Rising Care. All the members of Rising Care are quite dedicated and compassionate towards the senior citizens of Kolkata and hence give their best to provide holistic assistance to the ones in need. 

A little about Rising Care

Rising Care has earned the reputation of being one of the pioneering eldercare service providers in Kolkata since 2013. 

Rising Care looks ahead to providing quality assistance that would promote a graceful ageing face for the seniors. With a team of passionate and well-trained professionals, we aim to ease the life of senior citizens by providing them with at-home services that not only drive their regular chores but also support their outdoor errands. 

A vision that is unique to Rising Care 

Our vision is to stand out as one of the most transparent and trustworthy partners to our geriatric clientele, society and the nation and also our employees. We look forward to making the last phase of one's life the most memorable, easy and happy.  We intend to transform lives with holistic and requirement-driven care that upgrades the quality of living of the elderly. 

Being associated with home care services since 2013, we have realised that serving the older generation is the door to securing a healthy living for the old, present and new generation. We vouch to actively protect the means and rights of the geriatric citizen and build enduring relationships that are to be cherished till time immemorial. 

Keeping this in mind, Rising Care brings to the geriatric clientele a plethora of curated home care services for seniors that help with changing lives. 

Read below to know what they are…

Services that change the lives of older adults for the better

Care manager visits 

When talking about safety, care manager visits have proven to be quite helpful. Frequent visits serve as a warning signal to the criminals, declaring that the elders are being monitored and taken care of. This reduces the chances of intruders breaking into the house. Also, care manager visits help in understanding medical emergency situations and tackle the same effectively. 

Nursing care at home

Nursing care at home proves to be highly beneficial for older adults, especially for those living alone. 24X7 nursing care protects the elderly and also deters crime aggressively, while helping the older adults with their regular activities. 

Nursing care at home services not only helps with regular chores but also takes care of other factors. Such services offer numerous benefits including tracking health improvement, care after hospital discharge, bedsore dressing, Ryle’s tube feeding, BIPAP machine handling, oxygen concentrator support, facilitating online consultation through WhatsApp video calling, proper medication handling, communicating the patient’s condition with the treating doctors, assisting them with daily chores such as bathing, toilet cleaning, clothing, eating, etc. and catering to outdoor activities and exercising.

Post-hospitalization care 

The need for professional care begins after the person is discharged from the hospital. Under post-hospitalization care, you can avail a range of services like helping with daily chores (such as bathing, clothing, eating, toilet needs), dealing with restricted mobility, 12/24 hours nursing care, medical equipment on rent, online doctor consultation, physiotherapy, psychological counselling, monitoring the improvement, speech therapy, sleep study, helping with medical devices, maintaining proper medication, nutrition, hydration and more

Emergency services 

With age, emergencies are more likely to arise quite often. Being well prepared for emergencies helps in dealing with the situations effectively and also offers quality care to the octogenarians and septuagenarians. Our emergency services also include emergency hospitalization assistance that helps the concerned patient to get admitted to the hospital as and when necessary while the next of kin take care of the proceedings and admission fees within 24 hours. 

In addition to the above, Rising Care also offers affordable nursing care packages in Kolkata to avail a range of customized services under a single umbrella. 

Depending on your requirement you can choose from Social Care Plan, Companion Care Plan, Angel Care Plan, Twilight Care Plan, Golden Care Plan, and other support. 

For more information and to know more about other home care services, get associated with Rising Care this 2021. 

Make taking care of your aged parents easy, quick and accurate.