Lifestyle Changes In Elderly To Prevent Omicron

Omicron was first identified on 24 November as a new variant of the Coronavirus. With the discovery of the new variant, things have changed substantially with the increasing number of infections once again. With the sudden turns of the third wave of the COVID19 pandemic, the most important question lies in what should be done with Omicron.

The Major questions about Omicron During Online Consultation With Doctor 

How Serious is Omicron?

The discussion about the severity of Omicron has been going on since the start and has provided us with no solid evidence of it being milder than the other Coronavirus variants. What is majorly known about the virus is that it takes time for the infected to get seriously sick making it difficult to trace.

How Contagious Is Omicron?

While there are several rumors about Omicron being more easily spread than the other Coronavirus variants, the evidence proves the rumors to be true. Although the evidence is solid, the cause of it being a more contagious decision is still holding a tie between the virus being easier to catch or the vaccine working in different ways against it. 

Is Our Immunity Strong Enough To Fight Omicron?

Omicron caught the eye of the researchers for the higher number of mutations it had undergone. Compared to the other variants found worldwide, Omicron had undergone a considerably higher number of mutations making it a seriously problematic variant. The spike protein mutation of the Omicron virus can easily contaminate a person without triggering the immune system. 

It has been reported worldwide that it is easier to catch Omicron compared to Delta, its previous variant,  even if you are vaccinated or have had coronavirus before. 

Online consultation with doctors can help you answer all your questions. 

Things to Do For The Elderly To Prevent Omicron Infection

The Government has responded quickly to the rapid spread of the disease with several public health measures to ensure the restriction of the spread of Omicron. Online consultation with doctors can help understand the virus better and also prepare yourself for the several restrictions required for protection. Moreover, here are some of the important things that you should do to ensure absolute protection:

Get Vaccinated

Any elderly who has not been vaccinated yet should seriously consider getting vaccinated. Vaccination is the safest way to ensure protection from any infection. The vaccinations provide a complete protection from the several variants of the virus and can ensure less suffering for the infected. 

Get Boosted

After a period of three months after your second vaccination, it is recommended to get a booster vaccination for the elderly. It is to ensure that your immune system gets a reminder as it will substantially increase the protection and prevent any serious illness.

Reconsider Social Contacts

It is important to make sure before you make any social contact. Prioritizing is sensible advice to ensure reconsidering meeting outside, avoiding overcrowding a room, and if the room is well ventilated. Moreover, it is also suggested to take a test immediately after a meet to ensure that there are no unnoticed infections. This ensures safety for the people and yourself. 

Factors that Boost Immunity

Since Omicron can spread easily compared to its other variants, keeping a healthy lifestyle also contributes to protecting yourself from any infection. Since age is a major factor that affects immunity, here are some important things that can help boost the immunity of elders and ensure better protection from Omicron.


Omicron is probably one of the many variants that is going to cause many problems with the world. Besides vaccination, there are several things to look into to ensure your protection against Coronavirus. Elderly are more prone to infections due to their weakened immune system and require special care. Rising Care offers the best home care services for the elderly to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and stress free.