Lockdown can be the reason for a lot of health and mental issues for aged citizens, how can you prevent them?

We all must have wondered what fascinated our fathers’ after a certain age to go to the park every evening. The same person who used to refrain stepping out after his days’ work in his mid-40s and 50s is now in his 60s gushing out of the house as and when the clock strikes 5pm. 

The park that seemed to be the place for the kids is now also the “gossip hub” for the aged citizens of the area. 

However, the coronavirus outbreak, termed as a global pandemic by WHO (World Health Organisation) shuts the nation down, locking us all inside the confinement of our homes. 

Being scared of the current scenario, where news of senior citizens massively infected and losing lives has further got our hands-tied and we have restricted outdoor movements of the aged members of the family. 

Now assess the situation,  

While the toddlers are busy in front of the idiot box, teenagers busy with their phones, adults working from home or spending time indulging in new activities, the senior citizens are lying down all alone. 

As everyone is busy in their own world the aged members have no one to talk to and no activities to perform, leaving their health and mental condition in a tassel.  

Now how do you deal with this? 

Will you leave your “work from home” responsibility and chat with your old parents?  Although you wished you could, it will not be practically possible.

So now what? 

To our rescue there are several healthcare agencies, Rising Care Senior Health Solution being one of them, offers companionship along with medical care. 


The major cause of depression amidst this situation is helplessness.With them by your side, you can now help your parents to shun the feeling of helplessness during this hour of crisis. 

Avail companionship and other services to deal with mental health like counselling for depression in Kolkata, along with nursing care and other medical advantages. 

What are the benefits of such healthcare agencies?  

It may occur to why you would spend money on these agencies, well here are some of the reasons why you should – 

  1. Emergencies will be addressed – Considering the lockdown situation, where ambulances may be less in number; such organisations have tie-ups with the leading ambulance services and can arrange one to address your medical emergency in no time.  
  2. At-home care – With such organisations, you can enjoy doctor visits, nursing care and physiotherapy at home at a much cost-effective price.
  3. Helps in daily chores – With nurses by the side of your aged parents, daily chores and restricted mobility can be easily addressed. 

As there is nowhere to go to, several health issues occur making the situation more critical.

That being said, physiotherapy at home services serve as the best solution to help with the flexibility of the aged parents amidst this lockdown era. 

Activities aged parents can involve with Rising Care Senior Health Solution amidst the lockdown 

  1. Elders can spend time talking to his/her companion over the telephone.
  2. Skype chat with our members can be a good relation development exercise. 
  3. Online games customised for elderly can be a great form of recreation. 
  4. Elders can take part in a daily quiz, winners to be declared every evening. 
  5. Aged parents can engage themselves in exploring new hobbies and creativeness which Rising Care can promote in the near future. 
  6. To maintain a fit and healthy body elders can try free hand exercises at home. 

Rising Care Senior Health Solution offers guidance on physiotherapy via video calls or telephonic calls during this lockdown era. 

Wrapping it up…

This lockdown also has taken a toll on the mental health of the aged parents as they have no one to talk to and are confined amidst the claustrophobic four walls of the home. Services like counselling for depression in Kolkata and other offered by healthcare agencies comes as a ray of hope, dealing with the effects of such disruptions on the regular schedule owing to the sudden national shut down. 

So why the wait? 

Contact us now and let us help your dear aged members deal with this situation.