Loneliness, Depression, and the Geriatric Person

Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse.

Karl A. Menninger

All the statistics scream the same sad thing. Seniors are more likely than youngsters to commit suicide, and even in those countries where that is not the case, seniors make use of more lethal methods and usually achieve a “clean hit”. As shocking as the terms may seem to the reader, this is the startling truth that needs to be addressed at the latest. If you know of any senior person who seems depressed or is thinking of suicide, reach out to emergency services for elderly from Rising Care. We will take care of the rest.

Why Are Seniors Prone to Suicide?

They’re lonely. That’s the shortest answer one can give to the question. Moreover, the loss of a spouse, child, or friends, or the lack of will to live, are some of the causes of suicide among the elderly. Let’s delve in deeper.

According to the poet, death may be a great leveller, but it is also a cause of suicide in the aged population. Older people can seldom cope with the loss of their spouse, loved ones, friends, and relatives. This is also known as the “age of loss” and is a time when there is more news of the passing away of loved ones. Obviously, these intense feelings dealing with grief, loss, and one’s own impending death, can be overwhelming for a senior.

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In case the senior person has been diagnosed with a chronic illness like arthritis, cancer, heart problems, etc. they may be unable to manage or handle the pain that comes with the condition. This may in turn hamper the quality of life and make it harder for them to engage with the world the way they used to in the past. Incurable illnesses make it harder for seniors to do the things they used to enjoy doing.

This is probably the saddest reason on this list. Older adults live on a fixed income. Some of them may not have a source of income in their old age. This makes paying bills, utilities, and other necessities very difficult. To avoid this ignominy, seniors resort to suicide. Financial stress may trigger suicidal thoughts.

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Wrapping Up

Senior people go through many struggles, but there is very little being done to help them. Rising Care, which is one of Kolkata’s leading geriatric care centers offers emergency services for elderly. If you know someone or are a senior who feels suicidal, do reach out to our emergency services. We will do the needful.