Most Common in-home Injuries Faced by the Elderly and Ways to Prevent it

Even if you have a home that is safe and in a familiar environment, there still can be a number of safety risks faced by the elderly. As per studies suggest, 1 out of 35 senior adults in India spend time in an emergency hospital room at some point in their aged life. This isn’t as alarming if you come to know of others stats!

But, of course, progression has been witnessed over the last couple of years. More and more elderly care agencies in Kolkata are sprouting up – addressing this issue. One such leading senior citizen healthcare company is Rising Care. Their aim is to make homes safer and less accident-prone for the septuagenarians and octogenarians alike.

Take a look at some of the most common in-home injuries faces by the elderly and tips to avoid them –

  1. Falls 

Fatal or non-fatal, accidental falls are the most common household hazards among the elderly (65 and above). Department of healthcare revealed that such incidents account for 75% of all age-related injuries in India. Falls can result from weak eyesight, uneven floor surface, misplaced furniture, insufficient lighting, etc. 


The best way to keep a tab on the elderly is by appointing trained home attendants from senior citizen healthcare organisations such as Rising Care. These qualified nurse attendees will provide special attention (24X7) to your home’s aged individuals. We also offer medical instruments on rent or sale and provide emergency medical services. 


  1. Fire & burns 

Fire and first to third-degree burns can occur from any unregulated/faulty heat-generating devices. Although such incidents can result in physical impairment among all, the damage is often permanent in case of senior citizens. Surveys state that the risk is significantly higher among the aged who use the kitchen on a daily basis. 


You can consider appointing senior citizen healthcare specialists to run light errands for them and takeover the ‘kitchen job’ from now on. However, if mishaps do occur, staying in touch with healthcare agencies like Rising Care can arrange emergency ambulance services in Kolkata for you. Plus, they can provide lifesaving medical equipment delivery at home.

Furthermore, the elderly facing scalding need companions to give the moral support. We also offer intellectual companionship to provide the much needed mental support. 

  1. Choking & food-related assistants   

Food safety can be a major concern when it comes to the aged citizens who often mistake product labels due to lack of vision. Then, there’s the issue of choking from an eating disorder or physical inability. Although, you cannot totally shun these occurrences, you can minimise them nonetheless! 


In today’s world, it’s not possible for you to feed your aged parents at all times of the day. But, neglecting this situation isn’t a solution either. Hence, go for 12/24 hours nurse or ayah service coupled with doctor visits at home. Such home attendants are also trained in emergency health problem management and can perform the necessary first-aid as a preliminary measure.

So, if you’re facing any issues with the elderly, address them immediately and seek professional assistance for a safer home. You can also opt for medical delivery at home to cater to the medication, without having the elderly to step out and be prone to accidents.

Accidents among the elderly cannot be completely avoided. But, its occurrence can certainly be prevented. Effective prevention measures coupled with elderly care equipment at their assistance, can lead the, to lead a healthy and safe life.

Senior citizen healthcare companies like Rising Care understands the risks associated with the elderly. Hence, we take the necessary precautions to reduce such in-home injuries. The trained home attendants make it a point to guarantee the safety of the aged we work with. Our experience in handling the most pressing indoor hazards makes us one of the best in business