New Ways to Offer Quality Life to Senior Citizens Back Home

The life of senior citizens has always been pretty tough. From some having to bid goodbye to their children and let them fly their dream to some living in the same house but hardly communicating, their life just gets tougher with passing days

It has often been the case that we blame our corporate life for our incapability of giving our aged parents the right care.

In case you are blaming your corporate life and trying to avoid the “why not spending quality time with your parents and why not providing the required care” question, here is another question for you.

Did your parents not care for you while being slaughtered by their corporate life or did they use the same weapon as you?

No, right? So why should you?

Inevitably, the corporate pressure can never be denied and hence the elder care services in Kolkata have fished out new ways to improve the life of senior citizens back home.

  1. Help them stay connected to their family – 

Family is an integral part of one's life and staying connected to them holds great importance. Neglect or staying away from the family can disturb the mental health of the senior citizens. In case meeting all the family members stands physically impossible, consider using technology to keep them connected. With the availability of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. you can easily connect your aged parents with their dear ones. In case you are not always available consider hiring nurses or attendants from elder care services and address the requirements of your aged parents.

  1. Make them feel needed – 

The feeling of losing their independence takes a toll on the mental health of the aged parents. They start feeling that they are no more needed and is of no use to the family that affects them further. However, you can make them feel they are needed by asking for small help in your daily chores, such as


You can also ask your aged parents to help in buying groceries. Nevertheless, while you ask them for grocery shopping or running errands make sure there is an attendant around to prevent unforeseen events. In such cases you can opt for services like outdoor work assistance from agencies offering senior healthcare solutions

  1. Involve them in physical activity – 

Minimal exercise will help in keeping your aged parents fit and will also make them feel healthy. As a help you can avail physiotherapy at-home services from leading agencies offering senior healthcare solutions. Alternatively, you can also hire 24/12 ayahs or attendants to help your aged parents with exercise and daily chores.

  1. Treat depression – 

Loneliness, neglect and deteriorating health often serves as the root cause of depression among the senior citizens. With the availability of services like counselling at-home you can help your parents fight the adverse effects of depression and lead a healthy life.

In addition, consider spending quality time with your parents. A little help from your side will help them deal with a lot of problems. Last but not the least, as a help you can always avail elder care services but make sure it caters to all your requirements