Pneumonia In The Elderly : How It Affects?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and is the cause of a huge number of deaths across the world every year. The majority of people getting affected by pneumonia are the ones who are 65 and older. This disease affects and attacks the air sacs present in the lungs and causes inflammation in them or sometimes fills them up with fluids. These air sacs that get infected are the ones responsible for the movement of the oxygen from the lungs to the blood of the body. This is why pneumonia causes severe breathing problems and also results in the reduction of oxygen present in the blood. 

The bacteria and viruses that are usually responsible for causing pneumonia spread through the air or contact with an infected person or by the items that person has touched. The infection can range from mild to even life-threatening with the cases of viral pneumonia generally being less severe than bacterial pneumonia. 

Pneumonia in the Elderly –

Exposure to germs is the primary cause of pneumonia. All age groups come into contact with the organisms that cause this disease and the results are aggressive when it comes to senior citizens. It is so because: -

Senior citizens are more likely to get the flu or other lung-related conditions which increase the chances of developing pneumonia.

Rising Care –

As one of the leading senior care service providers in Kolkata, Rising care surely serves the reputation that it has acquired. An accumulated team of well-trained and passionate professionals is assembled at your doorstep for the elderly loved ones of your family. Their first and foremost goal is to offer the best care to senior citizens. 

Furthermore, dealing with aged patients suffering from pneumonia also requires shots of the influenza vaccine, also known as the seasonal flu shot and the pneumococcal vaccine. This needs to be given early so that the conditions can be controlled and doesn't go out of order. In such cases, Rising Care helps in arranging and assisting the aged to take their shot of the vaccine and reduce the severity of the disease.  

Treating older patients –

Every one in five patients suffering from pneumonia end up making expensive and stressful trips to the hospital. Older individuals also have a higher risk of developing additional conditions and getting better without assistance can be difficult. Rising care is equipped with the necessary expertise to work with elderly patients and their families to eliminate the chances of readmissions to hospitals.

Their team helps in educating people regarding pneumonia and the families as well about the condition and how to monitor the symptoms, stick to a plan of care, improve the wealth, stay healthy and also take medication on time.

In the presence of the services provided by Rising Care the families feel confident about keeping their elderly loved ones at the comfort of their homes while getting the treatment and care they need. The team is well trained to take all the necessary steps required as well as stay ahead regarding any upcoming dangerous changes in the health of the individual.

Prevention of Pneumonia amongst the elderly

The vaccines

Also, the vaccines should be given on time to prevent such severe diseases. The vaccines approved are the influenza vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine. You can get in touch with the leading doctors or geriatric care agencies to assist the elderly for their shots. 


Pneumonia can affect anyone from any age group but elderly people suffering from pneumonia usually have an even difficult time dealing with the infection and making it out smoothly. Not to mention the whole procedure of going back and forth to the hospital because your aged grandparents or parents have developed a new symptom can be extremely hard for them and their health.  Rising Care with their specialized at-home senior care services, emergency assistance, nursing care, post-hospitalization care, and other comprehensive solutions to all and any medical and non-medical needs is the best option for you to choose if you have senior citizens at home who need to be looked after.