Post-hospitalization Care: How to be There for Your Parents

1st June is commemorated as the Global Day of Parents according to the United Nations. It is a day when the importance of all parents as participants in the growth of the nation is marked and appreciated. The UN also identified that the family plays a primary role in taking care of the safety and security of a child.

However, parents seldom receive the love and care in their old age from the children whom they have struggled to raise. In this blog, we will look at how you can assist and be there for your parents during their post-hospitalization care.

6 Ways to be There for Your Parents during post-hospitalization care

Your parents may be just out of the hospital after an operation or disease that they may have suffered. During this time, they may feel vulnerable and weak, and it is your duty to be there for them.

Here’s how you can do that!

If you live away from Kolkata, then you can get in touch with an elder care platform called Rising Care. This venture will send a home attendant to your parents to take care of their needs and requirements after they have come out of hospitalization. Rising Care takes your place as a carer, so to speak. All the needs of your parents from personal hygiene to grocery shopping will be taken care of by Rising Care.

post-hospitalization care

If your parents require Ryles tube feeding or BIPAP, CPAP equipment to aid in their recovery, you can opt to hire an ICU trained nurse at home. Such a nurse will help to manage the equipment properly, in case you do not know how to do so. Moreover, proper usage of the equipment can assist in the speedy recovery of the patient.

If you are in the same city as your parents, then you can cook them nutritious meals when you go to visit them. As they are sick or recovering, they will enjoy good, wholesome, nutritious meals. Moreover, the food will help them to recover and get better in no time.

Your sick or recovering parents will require someone to buy their medicines, do their groceries and pay their utility bills. In short, you will have to run their errands for them.

As your parents are recovering, they will require comfort, a shoulder to cry on and some moral support. It’s up to you to provide them with that during this phase in their life.

post-hospitalization care

As they are recovering, they will also require to make frequent visits to the doctor so that their progress can be monitored regularly. Accompany them on these visits.


If your aged parents require post-hospitalization care in Kolkata, look no further than Rising Care. We are one of the best elder care services in the city and provide exclusive services at competitive rates to those aged people who are living in the city. Moreover, we are noted for the range of packages that we offer. You can easily choose a care package that suits your needs.