Post Hospitalization Services – Things to Know


The word we used to dread as a child. 

But, as adults we have accepted hospitals to be a medical necessity. 

Ironically, our aged parents do dread hospitals even after being elder to us. 

Those tears while going to the hospital and that “32-all-out” smile while coming back, indeed resembles a child, isn’t it? 

Yes. The saying, “Old people are indeed children”, seems true! 

With age and building responsibility we at times start to ignore emotions, not only our but also the emotion of the aged members. 

A small sneeze or a light fever and some of us end up admitting our aged parents into the hospital. Not caring, if they approve of it. 

Well, keeping emotions aside, there can be times when you may actually require medical help to deal with concerning illness. 

At times, hospitals are indeed necessary for these “unwilling-to-go” aged parents. 

That being said, here is a small question for you. 

Do you feel that to heal an injury or to recover from some disease, hospitalization is the only requirement? 

Being a healthcare agency, we say it is not

Patient care does not just end after the patient gets discharged from the hospital. In fact, actual care starts there. 

There are several more steps that go into treating your aged parent post hospitalization. Hence, your trusted Rising Care Senior Health Solution specializes in post hospitalization services to take care of all the vulnerable, hospital-returned senior citizens. 

You can avail 24X7 at-home trained nurses to take care and monitor your aged parents. 

What to expect from post hospitalization care?

Services included in post hospitalization care 

While you opt for post hospitalization services, you get to enjoy – 

  1. Help in daily chores – Such as, bathing, clothing, eating and more  
  2. Assists in outdoor work – like, grocery shopping, running errands to the nearby shop, bank work, visit to the temples and other entertainment places.  
  3. Emergency hospitalization or ambulance services 
  4. Medication and diet assistance – taking care proper nutrients, hydration, medicines and other medical requirements
  5. Companionship – to battle depression and loneliness 
  6. Arranging for at-home doctors, physiotherapists, psychiatrist and more 
  7. Physiotherapy support (even during the process) 
  8. Installation and management of medical devices such as Oxygen concentrator, Fowler’s bed, sleep monitoring tools, and more
  9.  Keeping pulse oximeters, blood pressure checkers and other devices handy for urgent support (it can also benefit during online consultation) 
  10. Maintaining wheelchairs and taking adequate precautions  

Having said that, we hope that you have understood the necessity of post hospitalization services

For professional help you can always get in touch with Rising Care and explore from a range of our services. 

Come, let’s take care of your aged parents together!