Professional At-Home Elder Care Vs Hospital Care: Which One To Choose?

Hospitalization not only takes a toll on the health but also on the mind of the elderly. One some elderly is hospitalized, they not only go through a physical deterioration but also a mental breakdown. This at times can inflict irreplaceable damage to the mental health of the aged. 

But what do you do?

Hospitalization is at times highly necessary and we may fail to avoid certain situations. Like we say, “love the diseased not the disease”, we often tend to forget to help our aged deal with health issues and post-recovery. 

We understand it’s not your will but your busy schedule is to be blamed. 

This is where we step in! 

Rising Care is one of the pioneering geriatric care service providers, dealing with ageing and improving the lives of the aged with services customized to cater to all their needs. 

Our at-home elder care Kolkata is intended to help the convalescing aged parents deal with the post-hospitalization syndrome and assist with daily activities till they get back to their normal schedule in a healthy way.  

But why at-home services? And should you not consider hospital care? 

In case you are bouncing between the above two questions, this article can be of much help. Discussed below are some of the differences and similarities between at-home care and hospital care that can help you choose the best for your aged parents.  


While you choose hospital over at-home care, you are forced to see your parents only at a scheduled time. Considering that recovery at old age can take time, your corporate schedule may not permit you to visit as per the hospital’s schedule. 

For example, your working hours may be from 10:30 to 7:30, but the hospital’s visiting hours may be from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Will you be able to visit your older patient every day? 

The chances are less, as your work may not permit you to take an early leave every day. 

On the contrary, at-home elder care Kolkata will have no time boundaries and you can come home to smiling aged parents looking at you with love-filled glittering eyes with the hope to spend some time chatting. You can spend some time before leaving for work and after returning back, thus be able to give your aged convalescing parents the required quality time. 

Quite preferable?

Yes, of course! 

Mental peace 

Well, we often forget to consider mental well-being important. But it is! Keeping your aged parents admitted to a hospital for long will only leave them with emotional scars as they will yearn to get back to their homes. 

Moreover, reports have it, the aged recover faster when at home than in hospitals. This is because they miss their homes, their loved ones, their comfort and their known atmosphere. 

Hospital care leads to a feeling of loneliness and depression. Along with that, the presence of other patients, suffering in the same room or on the same floor, at times inflicts a feeling of fear and discomfort, which may further deteriorate the health condition. 

But with at-home elder care Kolkata, you can help your aged parents recover in their known environment. Besides, the at-home caregiver will serve as a companion to the elderly, helping them have someone to talk to. 

Furthermore, the idea of recovering in a known and comfortable environment gives older people a sense of belonging. And the fact that they can be with their loved ones helps them ensure mental peace and a feeling of being loved and cared for. 

Now that you have learned the differences, let us look at the similarities. 


Both at-home elder care Kolkata and hospital care offer the convalescing parents assistance to aid daily chores. From bathing, feeding, on-time medicines, clothing to other daily activities, the aged can get all-round assistance to cater to their daily requirements till they become capable enough to address their daily needs all by themselves effectively. In addition to the rest, your aged parents will get the administration and treatment of skilled and professional individuals so that you can ensure your peace of mind that your aged parents are in the safest hands. 

That being said, the biggest advantage of hospital care is that you can address emergencies in real-time and will not have to wait for long. Considering that doctors and nurses are available 24X7, your convalescing aged loved ones will be able to receive medical help as and when required. 

That being said, at-home elder care Kolkata also helps you be updated with the current condition of your aged parents. Considering they are professionally trained, they can address the initial situation till you manage the rest provisions as soon as possible. 

Summing it up… 

There are several benefits of at-home elder care Kolkata that can make offering care to your convalescing aged parents convenient. 

Need help? 

Rising Care offers a range of services to help your aged parents deal with post-hospitalization syndrome and recovery. Get in touch with us today and help your aged parents recover fast and effectively.