Reasons Why You Need Home Attendant For Elderly Amidst This Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been much of a curse for people over the world. Although the storm was calm, India seems to suffer a second hit this year. The doctors claim the 2021 second mutant to be more powerful than the first one. 

The second wave has massively increased the number of active cases and the death toll. 

Hold right there! 

Don’t panic, but be informed, senior citizens are being affected. 

Not only physically, but mentally as well! 

This is why the need for a home attendant for elderly is increasing, especially during these turbulent times.  

With a wide range of benefits, they are deemed fit for your aged parents, to help them deal with all their daily needs. 

In case you want to help your older adults to deal with this pandemic and cater to your ‘work-from-home’ responsibilities as well, here are some reasons why you should consider home attendants. 

Number 1 – Trained assistance 

Keeping in mind the current pandemic scenario the need for trained assistance is increasing at a rapid rate, especially for the elderly. With a shortage of medical equipment and trained nurses to handle them, life has indeed become quite hectic and stressful for the elderly. And not just for the infected, the aged who are healthy and are staying indoors, are also getting sick not just because of Covid but because of the fear and panic that is eating up their health slowly and gradually. 

This is when hiring a home attendant for elderly seems beneficial for the aging members of the family. Our trained attendants or nurses can help the aged deal with the current scenario without any stress and panic and assists them in taking care of their health conveniently and correctly. Being medically trained and equipped with the required knowledge, they can also help the aged with the required medical equipment and other necessities as elaborated below.

Number 2 – Daily chores assistance and essential deliveries

With age, catering to daily chores can get difficult. This is why hiring a home attendant for elderly seems to be the best option for addressing the daily needs and activities of your aged parents. Regular activities that need assistance include bathing, exercising, clothing, medication, eating and others. 

Also, some of the leading geriatric care service providers offer doorstep deliveries to assist the elderly with groceries, medicine and food. This proves to be highly beneficial especially during this lockdown period where stepping out can be as dangerous as death. 

Senior care service providers like Rising Care, is offering food delivery to elderly covid patients to deal with their treatment without having to step out for food.

Number 3 – Medical consultation 

With the rise in Covid-19 cases, the need for regular doctor consultation increases. To make sure that your aged parents are in good health and to address health concerns online doctor consultation is a boon. However, older adults may not be technologically advanced enough to initiate an online consultation. This is when the home attendant can help the aged patient and the doctor throughout the consultation. 

Number 4 – Emergency assistance 

Having a home attendant for elderly can help you address emergency situations. In alignment with the current scenario, medical emergencies can arise at any hour of the day. Having an attendant by your aged parent’s side can help you in providing them with medical help as and when necessary and reduce your stress as well. 

Besides, home attendants can also help your aged parents post-hospitalization and with related requirements. Be it medication, dressing, physiotherapy, light exercises or any other necessities, the attendant can be of much help for addressing all such requirements post-hospitalization.  

Number 5 – Medical equipment assistance 

The times are tough and the need for medical equipment is rising. Besides, considering its demand, the country is also facing a shortage of proper equipment for treatment. 

But things don’t just end after you have procured the machine. The installation and the usage can be difficult for the aged alone. This is when the home attendant can be of great assistance. They can help with the installation and usage of the machine for the aged. 

In addition, you can also rent some of the most required equipment for your aged such as – 

Apart from the above, we also offer other medical equipment as per requirement. Do get in touch with us to know if the required equipment is available with us.  

Summing it all up…

Given above are some of the major benefits of hiring a home attendant for elderly. Now that you know how helpful they can be for your convalescing geriatric parents during this pandemic, it is time to find the best geriatric care service provider and hire the best for your aged parents. 

Rising Care is here to serve your aged parents and help them age gracefully while dealing with the adverse effects of the pandemic. We are one of the pioneering geriatric care service providers assisting the aged towards a healthy and happy living. 

Get in touch with us today and offer your aged parents the best services. 

Nevertheless, do not forget to give quality time to your aged parents as in the end they require you and your presence over everything else to deal with the storm outside.