Sciatica Pain: Understand the Alarming Symptoms

You must have seen your grandparents suffering from acute pain and paying for physiotherapy at-home in Kolkata frequently. That is when you also heard about sciatica. 

And now the coin is flipped and your parents who are currently old are going through the same pain and discomfort. 

Yes, it is sciatica yet again. 

But just hearing of the term will not float your boat and you are to learn every bit of it to help free your aged parent from the pain. 

Sciatica denotes the pain that radiates alongside the direction of the sciatic nerve.  The sciatic nerve is known to be the longest nerve of the body that branches from the lower back, through the hips and down the leg.

Is your aged parent suffering from inflammation, numbness or tremendous pain? 

Then, it is time for you to get your parents checked for sciatica. 

Sciatica pain generally occurs when there is an irritation of the sciatic nerve. Usually, this happens when the herniated disk or the narrowing of the spine adds pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

You must be thinking about what would be your next step if you find your aged-parent suffering from sciatica. 

Well, then let’s dig deep into the matter! 

Understanding the symptoms 

The common symptoms of sciatica are – 

Severe cases may include substantial weakness, change in bladder or bowel. Some may also call for surgeries. 

What can cause sciatica?

Sciatica pain may be excruciating or mild, depending on the severity of the condition. The pain can elevate at the time of coughing or sneezing. If left untreated, sciatica can aggravate leading to temporary disability at one side of the body. You might require physiotherapy at-home in Kolkata to treat sciatica. 

The few common causes of sciatica are – 

  1. Narrowing of the spinal cord 
  2. Tumour 
  3. Spondylosis
  4. Injury 
  5. Conditions affecting the lower area of the spinal cord 
  6. A sudden pull or twist 
  7. Infection 

When to visit a doctor?

Mild sciatica is known to treat itself with time. Considering the current pandemic scenario, you can opt for online doctor consultation and discuss with your physician about the same. 

Alternatively, reach out to your doctor or a Kolkata nursing home when – 

Are there any complications involved?

If left untreated, there can be high chances of permanent nerve damage. Get in touch with your physician or a Kolkata nursing home immediately if you experience – 

  1. Loss of bladder or bowel function
  2. Sudden weakness 
  3. Loss of feeling in the affected area 

The possible treatment and prevention 

Depending on the intensity of the pain, sciatica can be treated with a few weeks of rest or light exercise. Keeping in mind the present scenario of frequent lockdown you can opt for physiotherapy at-home in Kolkata to eliminate the risk of stepping out. 

In case it fails to work, or the impact is completely negative, surgery can be the answer. While the treatment for sciatica is empirical and the result may vary among patients, it is advisable to learn the procedure thoroughly and have an in-depth conversation with the physician before letting your aged parents under the knife.  

Risks factors 

The risk factor sciatica may include – 

  1. Obesity 
  2. Age 
  3. Diabetes
  4. Occupation 
  5. Misaligned posture while sitting 
  6. Sitting for a long time 

Keeping the above factors in mind, it is best to change your lifestyle to treat sciatica.  Avoid sitting for long hours and interrupt the sitting with standing and stretching your back frequently. Invest in proper chairs and cushions that would promote accurate posture while sitting. You can also discuss with your doctor regarding the same.  

Consider light exercises, brisk walks and having a healthy diet. Consider physiotherapy at-home in Kolkata to treat the symptoms of sciatica at its initial stages. 

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Now that you have got a brief idea on sciatica, make sure to make the right decisions and treat your aged parent accurately. 

Till then, take care!