Senior Citizen Care Services and Their Responsibilities

If you are blessed with elderly parents till today, think yourself as the luckiest person in the world. Nothing can be more precious than their blessing and love in this era of perversion and meanness. Parent’s love is unconditional and you need it to overcome every struggle and difficulty. But sometimes it becomes truly tough to look after them properly by managing your daily schedules. Besides, if you need to leave your home town for professional reasons, it brings stresses about how to take the right care of your elderly parents. It is a substantive problem for families who have aged or sick elders at their homes. This is the reason why senior citizen care services have come into the spotlight. These are the group of people who help elders with professional skills and knowledge for their wellbeing. These services take the entire responsibilities of those seniors that families can get rid of unnecessary stresses regarding the health and wellbeing of elders.
Many such services have developed in Kolkata. But how many of them are authentic and scientific? If you are looking for the best Senior Citizen Care Services Kolkata, your one-stop destination is Rising Care. This organization takes the entre responsibilities of your loved ones and offers them a healthy and cheerful life. Its responsibilities include:

Regular health monitoring
Patients who have severe health issues need regular monitoring to avoid any adversity or danger. Care managers visit those patients on a regular basis and examine the necessary medical issues.

Ambulance service
In an emergency, arranging prompt ambulance service becomes a challenge to ease the discomfort of patients. With the mentioned organization, families have the support of easy and quick ambulance service.

Doctors at home
For poor health conditions or physical disabilities, some seniors cannot move to the doctor’s clinic for health checkups. In that case, the 
Doctor visit at home Kolkata is an accepted service to have total support at the home by renowned and certified physicians. Doctors come to your home and do the necessary medical checkups and tests to improve the health and welfare of your dear ones.

ICU unit at home
After hospitalization, many patients need a temporary ICU set up at their home for maintaining their comfort and wellbeing. The organization has trained and certified professionals to set up a temporary ICU unit at home in an emergency.

Monthly medicine supply
After a certain age, elderly people live on medicines. Diabetes, hypertension, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease are some conditions that need essential drugs regularly. Skipping medicines can be fatal in some cases. The monthly medicine supply is an effective and efficient way to ensure that the elders are continuing the necessary medicines without any miss or delay.

Lifesaving medical equipment at home
The organization provides life-saving medical equipment on rent. Or one can purchase any equipment at their needs. To ease the conditions of the sick people, a blood pressure machine, wheelchair, oxygen cylinder, ventilator, suction apparatus, motorized bed, CPAP, and cardiac monitors are essential objects to keep at your home.
Rising Care provides thousands of medical and non-medical services, needed to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your elderly parents. Words become limited to explain the support and assistance, the organization provides day and night to keep senior members of your family fit and healthy.
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