Seniors' Guide to Staying Fit through the Monsoon Season

India has been suffering from the scorching heat quite intensively. However, the rains have been received well by the country. But with the cold downpours, the country is now facing the adversities of waterlogging, untimely showers, damp weather, pest infestation and health issues. Monsoon comes with its own set of consequences and health problems in the form of infections and ailments that affect the human immune system. Viral infections and other bacterial diseases are most common during the rainy seasons such as viral fever, malaria, dengue and other viral infections. 

Unfortunately, octogenarians and septuagenarians are more prone to health issues, especially during the monsoon because of their weakened immunity power. This is why opting for senior citizen help in Kolkata or home care for the seniors can help in battling the situation conveniently. 

Such services are compelled to be more protective and cautious with the older adults, especially during this pandemic. Along with availing professional care, there are certain steps and safety precautions that must be followed during the monsoons to keep the senior citizens healthy and going. 

Keep personal hygiene high on the priority

Personal hygiene should be taken care of, at any cost. Try to keep your aged parents away from dirty water as it can give way to water-borne diseases like hepatitis, diarrhoea disease, typhoid and more. Also, make sure that vaccination for hepatitis A and influenza are taken. If not, opt for a consultation with a physician immediately to seek proper guidance on the situation. You can opt for teleconsultation with adept doctors enlisted with Rising Care to seek vaccination advice. 

Give them a warm bath and keep their hands clean at all times. You can also make use of antiseptic solutions or soaps along with sanitizers to maintain hand hygiene. For other regular chores, you can avail elderly assistance from the leading geriatric care service providers. 

Also, avoid street water when outside and carry a bottle of water to quench your thirst as needed. 

Avoid street food

No matter how appealing to the taste buds they are, elders should avoid street food during the monsoon and afterwards as well. Around this time, most of the shops come up with amazing offers that might leave you craving some crispy fries and fritters while it showers. However, to reduce the chances of health issues it is important for the seniors to control their cravings and stay away from Street foods. 

Follow the general health guide for monsoon

While everyone wants to enjoy the rainy seasons to their fullest, it is equally important to follow the basic precautions that can help you avoid diseases and maintain good health. 

To note: Our digestive system tends to become more vulnerable to diseases during the monsoon season and hence the diet should be kept light, especially for the elderly. Light exercises can help in battling and anxiety, therefore, assist older adults with lighter exercises regularly. Rainy seasons tend to hamper daily walks. Thus, it is important to continue freehand exercise at home to stay fit and beat lethargy. You can seek professional help in physiotherapy from leading geriatric care providers like Rising Care.

Ear infections, colds, and eye diseases are also common during the monsoon. Do not avoid the symptoms and seek medical help immediately. You can opt for teleconsultation or video consultation with doctors as necessary. 

Geriatric care agencies such as Rising Care can help you with online doctor consultation as required along with other senior care services and home care services for seniors.  

Make use of mosquito repellent

Mosquitoes are living monsters for humans. Mosquito bites can lead to fatal health concerns such as dengue, malaria and others. While our body may be capable enough to fight, the weak immunity of older adults may increase the adversities of such ailments. Therefore, always keep mosquito repellents at home and use them at all times. Always remember, monsoon is the breeding season for the mosquitoes and hence it is important to take appropriate steps to protect your home and the elderly. Keep your windows and doors closed as possible to prevent those tiny monsters from entering your home. In case you have standing water, get rid of them immediately. 

Avoid getting wet in the rain

Although it may seem appealing, getting wet in the rains can invite several health issues like fever, persistent cough and more. Be prepared with all the monsoon gear to avoid getting wet if outdoors. Also, do not stand under the rain willingly. It might cool your body for a while but the consequences can be difficult to deal with. 

Roads during the monsoon can get extremely slippery and dangerous for the elderly, especially. As the aged fail to maintain a stable body balance it is important to make the necessary arrangements and assist the elderly with a helping hand when running errands. 

Equip with the basics

With rains, the possibility of power cuts is also high. This is why it is important to be well equipped with the basics such as emergency lamps, candles, and a charged mobile phone with proper connectivity, water, medicines, food and more. Also, it is important to keep your home well-protected and waterproof before the rain hits. Make all the required arrangements such as repairing any holes, crevices or pipes, closing drains and gutters and getting rid of standing water. 

Stay connected

The sudden showers, the damp environment and the depressing weather can affect the mental health of older adults. Staying connected and in close contact with the aged during this time can help them battle their mental complexities. 

In addition to the above, keep some of the necessary gadgets with your aged parents such as mobile phones with proper connectivity, an alarm system with a torch, first aid kits, financial aid and more.