Steps to Consider while taking care of the Aged at Home

Caring for the elderly can seem to be pretty daunting, especially due to the myriad maladies that creep in one-by-one. No matter how critical the situations are, one cannot step back or withdraw from the responsibilities of caring for the elderly parents, keeping in mind the care they rendered on us when we were young. 

That being said, several ailments and even the current situation yearns for indoor care and quality home attendant for elderly. You can for sure get in touch with some of the leading agencies offering geriatric care to appoint the best and trained hands for your aged loved ones. 

But will you impose the entire responsibility on the appointed nurse? 

Acknowledging the building-up corporate pressure and lack of time, given below are some simple steps that you can follow to take quality care for your loving aged at home with the assistance of an attendant. 

If your aged parents are fit and fine you would not require help, but if you do require help there must be some underlying issue. However, it is advisable that you keep a close eye on the well-being and recovery of your aged parents. As work-from-home is now becoming a part of life, many of you may find it easier to monitor the health of the aged patient while catering to your corporate requirements. 

On the contrary, if you are having to travel to your office you can still keep in touch with your parents over the phone and spend some time after you are back home. 

The rest will be catered by the attendant appointed. With a noble business architecture, Rising Care is on the constant hunt to find the skilled and trained hands for the senior citizens of Kolkata to render quality care. 

The attendant can take care of your elderly loved ones in our absence and address all their requirements and demands. 

  1. Consider quality meals 

Maintaining proper nutrition in the first step to offering quality elderly home care. In case you are not able to cook for them, at least make sure that their dollops are nutritious and rich in vitamins, calcium and the required minerals. 

You can rely on the attendants or nurse to feed them on time even if you are not around. Also, seeking help from trained hands at such hours of the day will assist in avoiding meal-time accidents that are common among senior citizens.  

  1. Keep a check on the medicines 

Timely medicines are of prime importance for your convalescing aged parents. Keeping in mind that the increasing forgetfulness and decreasing reflex can make your aged parents skip medication on-time, geriatric care providers can be of much help. Whether you are available or absent, medically trained nurses can offer the correct medication on-time supporting faster recovery.  

  1. Keep the property protected

Whether you are travelling for some days, settling abroad or busy with your corporate life, overlooking the security aspect of your aged parents can cause regrets in the near future. 

Not just malicious activities, accidents and sudden illness can also harm your parents. Investing in security systems can help in preventing strange break-in to your property in your absence. Besides alarm systems and CCTV cameras will not only keep your aged parents protected but your neighbourhood as well. 

As an added protection you can appoint at home nurses or attendants to be beside your aged parents and to cater to all the requirements. Besides, they can serve as a companion to our aged permits and help them battle loneliness, depression and anxiety. 

  1. Schedule at-home doctor visits 

Didn’t you feel disgusted to visit the doctor’s chamber every month? The whole process seemed irritating and a waste of time and you hated your parents when they forced you to share your problems with the doctor, isn’t it?

Well, the tables have turned and now your aged parents disgust the idea of visiting a doctor’s chamber and sharing their problems in the chamber. 

Doctor visits at-home have resulted in a boon for many families. It helps the aged patient to get timely check-ups supporting speedy recovery. Besides, it also helps the concerned aged patient to get comfortable and inform them about their problems without hiccups. 

As assistance, you can appoint at-home nurses from Rising Care. They will not only help the aged patient at the time of consultation but also can update the doctor on the health condition to aid treatment.     

That’s all for now folks! 

Hope the above-mentioned steps will help you in rendering quality care for your aged parents. Get in touch with us to hire a skilled and medically trained attending for your aged parent. 

Last but not the least, remember to take care of yourself as well. As you need to stay healthy to offer the services of the children to their parents.