Steps To Help Your Aged Parents with the Best Elder Care Services This Winter

Although we may have already fallen in love with the “feel-good” season, the arrival of it may be a great deal for the senior citizens. The dull and cold weather can invite several health problems for the aged, disturbing their mental peace. 

With the season knocking at the door, there are several challenges that are being laid down for the elderly. That being said, elder care services are being proven a blessing to overcome such winter season challenges while keeping the elderly healthy.  

Now you may be wondering why the aged will require additional protection in the winter. Well, the senior citizens dread this season. The chilly wind and the early morning tends to disturb their living and their bones as well. 

The way you enjoy festivities, vacations and family time in the winter, similarly, they require more love and care to shield from the chilly winds and enjoy the family activities. 

Given below are some of the steps that you can follow to keep your aged parents happy and healthy this winter without troubling their mental peace. 

And of course, Rising Care is here to help you with that! Avail our services and you will be good to go. 

Rising Care has a reputation of its own for offering top-notch geriatric care services that cater to all the possible requirements of the aged and help them age gracefully.  

Here are the steps you were looking for – 

  1. Keep them warm 

With the cold gusting winds outside, it is important that you keep your aged parents warm and cosy. Hypothermia, referred to as a sudden drop in the body temperature, can wreak havoc to the health of the elderly. This is quite common in the cold climates. Besides, senior citizens fall prey to cold and flu during this change in the weather. 

To avoid sudden health issues troubling the elderly it is best to keep the aged warm, especially at night when the temperature dips a significant drop.

But how? 

Sweaters and blankets?

Well, not just enough. Your aged parents need more. Look out for changes in them. If they experience sudden fatigue or a change in their skin texture and skin tone, it’s time to heat up the room a bit more. Fireplaces are best to have a gala gossip with your loved ones while keeping warm. Alternatively, you can invest in good room heaters to regulate the temperature of the room of the elderly throughout.  

  1. Showers with lukewarm water

How many of you frequently skip bathing during the winter? A lot of hands in the air, huh?

Well, at a young age you may enjoy and even get away without bathing. But the senior citizens will not. However, the temperature of the water plays a pivotal role. Unlike you, the sizzling hot bath may not be pleasing for the elderly and may even cause skin problems. The sudden dryness of the skin may lead to cracks or eczema, increasing the trouble even more. 

Make sure the showers are followed by a good moisturizing regime to keep the skin hydrated, moisturized and supple. You can avail our nursing care at home services to aid with such daily chores. 

  1. Be hydrated 

Water is a way to a healthy living. Winter or no winter, staying hydrated is of utmost importance. However, it has been proven that we tend to consume a lesser quantity of liquids during the winters, which disturbs the functions of our body and inviting unnecessary health issues. While we may get away with it, the senior citizens will not be able to. So make sure you monitor the liquid intake of your aged parents. Avail our home attendant services to ease the job for you. 

  1. Keep fit 

Sulking all day long can make your aged parents weak and fatigued. Although you may find the season perfect to curl up in bed for longer than ever and stay indoors till your heart has contended, it is advisable that you keep yourself fit. And not just you, your aged parents too should be active and fit. 

Lesser activities increase body weight and obesity that may lead to altered diabetic status and may deteriorate arthritic problems. Besides, inactivity may result in increased skin problems.

Engage in light, free-hand exercises to help increase heart rate, regulate blood flow and ensure fitness. You can also go out for a brisk walk or light jogging with your aged parents. This will help in flushing out toxins from your body through sweat, keeping body and skin healthy. You can avail our elder care services to assist your aged parents for a healthy walk and light exercises. Physical activity and physiotherapy can work wonders for your body and help you reduce the chances of mobility-related issues and more. 

  1. Be engaged 

Winter depression needs no explanation! 

The dull weather captivates our happy mood, leaving us depressed and in anxiety. Senior citizens are no different. Rather, their mental health is highly affected by the gloomy weather, leaving them all upset, depressed and stressed. 

To avoid such mental disturbances, keep your aged parents engaged. The youngsters can engage the elderly in some home activities, while you can company them over a good evening chit-chat session in front of the fireplace. 

Alternatively, get in touch with Rising Care to avail elder companion services to help the aged deal with mental issues throughout the year while having a friend to talk to and share emotions with. 

Last but not the least, keep a track on the medication. Make sure that the medicines are taken on time and are never skipped or missed. Also, monitor the nutritional intake and make sure the meals are taken on time. You can avail our elder care services to ensure proper monitoring of timely medicines and meals. 

A stern check should be made to ensure that urine and stool are being thrown out of the body adequately. If you notice any abnormalities in the schedule, get in touch with the doctor. 

Additionally, keep them away from catching a cold or flu. Refrain from cold baths and spend prolonged time under the shower. Keep them warm and also include soups, lukewarm water and such other items in regular diet to reduce chances of catching a cold. Vaccinations are necessary. An influenza vaccine shot once a year and Pneumococcal vaccine shot once in a lifetime (for older adults below 65 yrs of age) can save the senior citizens from suffering from such maladies. 

Frequent doctor consultations are of prime importance, especially in the winter seasons. Get in touch with us for doctor visits at home or for online doctor consultations. 

In case of emergencies, avail our ambulance services to seek adequate medical help immediately. We are known for the quality of services offered. Our staff and nurses are medically and professionally trained to offer proper geriatric care to the elderly. 

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