The Golf-Green Incident Shakes Kolkata – What Can Senior Citizens Do to Avoid Such Situations?

On the 23rd February 2020, an unforeseen incident shakes the city. Balasubramanium Srinivasan, an 81-year-old man had lost his wife a few years ago and was living alone in an apartment in Golf Green. The widower was seen not doing well since a few days as reported by the neighbours. His children were living far from him, either abroad or in extreme parts of the city. His children failed to reach out to him when the emergency occurred and he lost his life in the apartment.

The authorities of the apartment reported that this was not the first time that such incidents have occurred and many senior citizens above the age of 70 have faced such circumstances. A member of the apartment’s welfare body shared that a similar situation took place just below the flat of Balasubramanium Srinivasan. Fortunately, at that time the son of the aged person could be informed and he flew back immediately taking hold of the situation. 

Golf Green Central Coordination Committee, the apartment’s welfare body has reported that they are trying their best to address such a situation and have planned to form a team.  The team would pay regular visits to them, offering the required elderly care, checking if situations are under control. In case, any such need arises, the entity would be admitted under a Government facility until their respective children arrive and take charge over the situation. 

Besides, the responsibility lies on your part as well to make sure such emergencies are addressed then and there without any delay. Considering the fact that your children may be away for various professional or personal reasons, you can consider other ways to tackle the situation and give yourself adequate senior citizen care

How can senior citizens get help?

Make sure that you have help around. Inform your neighbours if you feel unwell and keep your children informed as well. Consult with a doctor to understand the severity of your condition.  Additionally, consider getting in touch with agencies offering professional elderly care and senior citizen assistance. 

Rising Care, one such professional healthcare agency, is offering you curated senior citizen care services that will help you tackle emergency situations without any hassle even if your children are far away from you.  

Rising care offers you – 

In addition to the above, Rising Care also offers you outdoor work assistance for advanced elderly care and help the senior citizens carry on their daily chores, deal with restricted mobility, cater to the outdoor requirement (such as grocery shopping, bank-related work, temple visits, etc.), and address emergencies. 

Besides, the elder care services offered are light on your pocket and does not turn out to be a factor to worry about. Whether your children are close by or reside abroad, you can rely on the professionals as they are well-trained and hold years of experience.  They are trained to release you from the feeling of loneliness, monitor your health regularly and take adequate and emergency care as per required. 

Also, while you avail their emergency hospitalisation services, you will get admitted to the hospital in case of an emergency, without any cost and your children can pay the admission-fee within 24 hours. This service proves highly beneficial for the senior citizens staying far from their children to tackle emergency situations.