The Guide to Home Care Services in Kolkata

As an adult hard-pressed for time, it may be very difficult for you to look after your ageing parents or other elders in your life at the same time as juggling a job, raising a family and enjoying life.

Moreover, sometimes the elder person in your life may have just come out of the hospital after surgery or sickness or may require nursing care which is impossible for you to provide.Therefore, in these cases, you can opt for home care services in Kolkata from Rising Care.
In this short blog, we will discuss some common questions you may have regarding home care services.

home care services in Kolkata

What do home care services in Kolkata cover?

Home care services in Kolkata generally cover nursing, home care, physiotherapy, companionship, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and other activities.However, availing of these depends on the care package that you have opted for.

Different home care centres in the city have different care packages and rates.Hence, it is advised that you first enquire with the different centres for the facilities that they provide and check to see if their plans are customisable.

At Rising Care, we offer the following care plans:

How expensive are home care services in Kolkata?

Since every scenario is different and the needs are unique, you will be better served if you call and enquire from the service provider directly.Typically, nursing services can charge anywhere between Rs.15,000 to Rs.18,000.Other packages may go up to Rs.40,000 depending on the requirements, if you are opting for home care services from Rising Care.

What will the home care workers do?

Home care workers will take care of the administration of medicine, help out with grooming, visiting the toilet and other activities.They will also help with running errands, preparing meals, groceries, buying medicines, etc.

Moreover, sometimes they will also provide companionship and help in activities like reading or running errands.

home care services in Kolkata

How to prepare the senior for home care services?

First, talk to your senior adult and see if they are comfortable with the idea of home care services.If they are not, you will have to counsel them and introduce them to the idea gradually.Once they are comfortable, only then opt for these services.Most adults are wary of a stranger coming to look after them, so ease them into this scenario gradually.


If you opt for home care services in Kolkata, choose Rising Care for its exclusive and high-end services. Call us today!