What is Post-Hospitalization Care?

You may have heard of or been prescribed post-hospitalization care.But what is it and why do you need it? Moreover, what services do we, Rising Care, provide you with under post-hospitalization care? Find out all this and a lot more in this short blog!

What is post-hospitalization care?

Care that is given to patients in the months following their discharge from the hospital is referred to as post-hospitalization care. It is a very crucial and critical time period where the patient needs to be taken care of well so that they do not have a relapse or contract another disease.

Moreover, they may be unable to do their own work and require assistance. That is why they need home care services. Post-hospitalization care covers all these aspects.

post-hospitalization care

What to expect from post-hospitalization care?

Post-hospitalization care from Rising Care covers the following areas:

When do you require post-hospitalization care?

Under what situations will a patient require post-hospitalization care? Take a look at some of the scenarios where such home care is necessary.

Recovery from sickness

When a person is recovering from sickness, they are usually weak and unable to carry out their ordinary tasks. Moreover, they may need occupational or physical therapy, wound cleaning, monitoring and medication monitoring.In all these cases, post-hospice care is recommended.

Healing post-surgery

Post-surgery most people require nurse care at home. This is because they may need physiotherapy, wound care, administration of treatment or medicines.

Wound treatment

You may require wound treatment in case you are injured or have an infection. The wound may require cleaning, application of medicine and other care. Therefore, it is advisable to have post-hospitalization care at home.

Chronic illness

Lastly, in case you suffer from any chronic illness that prevents you from going back to your normal routine, you will need nursing at home services for a couple of months after diagnosis with a chronic illness.

post-hospitalization care

Why do you need post-hospitalization care?

You may need post-hospitalization care if you have been bedridden for a long time, have broken bones, are terribly sick or suffer from heart disease. Moreover, when you are released from the hospital, it may also not be possible for you to do your own housekeeping and other work.


For reasons more than one, you may need post-hospitalization care.In that case, you need to have a centre like Rising Care to take care of your needs, either for yourself or for your family. Rising Care offers post-hospitalization care for elders, injured and other peoples requiring them.