Why Is Sleep Important for the Elderly?

A lack of sleep is a common problem for the elderly. Especially, those above the age of 65 usually suffer from sleeplessness.

A good night’s sleep of 7-9 hours is recommended for old persons so that they stay alert and have good cognitive functioning during the day. Other benefits include cell repair, a refreshed immune system, improved concentration, and memory formation.

Given the above benefits of sleep, this elderly care service in Kolkata looks at more details of why sleep is important for older people.

What are the benefits of sleep in an older person?

The benefits of sleep for the elder person are:

What causes a lack of sleep in older people?

There are several reasons why older people may not sleep well. Given below are some of the more significant reasons why older people do not get good sleep.

Social activities keep your engagement levels up, preparing your body for sleep. However, social engagement should not be stressful and add to the older person’s stress levels.

Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, a frequent need to urinate, osteoporosis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s can all cause a lack of sleep in an old person.

Drinking alcohol or coffee before sleep, maintaining irregular sleep hours, living in a noisy locality, and having strong lighting are all poor sleep habits that lead to sleeplessness in older adults.

Stress is a big cause of lack of sleep in older people. Older people can get stressed because of the lack of money, friends, death, and other problems. These can keep them awake at night.

Certain medications can interfere with the quality of sleep of an elder. They should discuss with the doctor in charge for a change in prescription.

How to Help Your Older Adult Sleep Well?

This elderly care service in Kolkata gives you some tips to help your elder person sleep well.


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