Why Opt for Home Care Services?

Oftentimes, it is necessary for a senior person to opt for home care services instead of moving to an old age home or centre. This is because care at home is a much better, more dignified option than uprooting the senior citizen from their familiar surroundings and taking them to a different place.

With regard to that, Rising Care is one of Kolkata’s best home care services. They offer senior citizens the option of staying at their homes while being cared for by professional caregivers or trained nurses. Here, we look at the different benefits of keeping senior citizens in their homes and caring for them there.

Benefits of Home Care Services

Given that old people are living longer it makes more sense to have them cared for at home rather than in a centre. Moreover, there are plenty of benefits.

When you opt for home care services, the cost is relatively less expensive than admission into a centre. This is because all you will be paying for is the nurse’s or the caregiver’s work only. Food, shelter, and other expenses will depend on the aged person’s facilities. Hence, there is no need to pay extra for facilities you may never even use.

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There is an incredible amount of dignity in residing in one’s own home. A person may have their own personal habits of bathing, toileting, eating, and living that may clash with another person’s personal rhythm. Hence, to respect both these persons, it is considered a better option to keep the senior citizens in their own homes.

Aged people tend to worry a lot about their possessions, house and belongings. Hence, if they are allowed to reside at home, it causes a certain amount of relaxation in their minds. They do not fret or worry unnecessarily and can therefore focus wholeheartedly on recovering.

Unfamiliar surroundings cause a lot of risk to senior citizens. They may feel incoherent in new surroundings and not remember or recall their way to the washroom causing them to become incontinent which further causes embarrassment.

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Rather than keeping the senior citizen in a centre, it is considered safer to keep them at home, as their neighbours, friends, families and other relatives can visit them in their own space. This way no established emotional bonds are broken and the senior can recover from illness faster.


In conclusion, home care services are very useful for senior citizens and those who are recovering from illnesses. They are a better option than a senior centre as it allows for recovery in a familiar and loving environment.