Diagnosis at home

“Nursing is an art and if it is to be made into an art…it requires devotion” – Florence Nightingale

And we put all our devotion into ensuring quality care and health… 

For most patients, spending long hours at a hospital or medical facility can be tiring and demotivating as well. While some senior citizens feel reluctant to travel miles for health check-ups, others suffering from paralysis & restricted mobility are unable to make that distance to the clinic. This is why the need for diagnosis at home is of paramount importance.  

Moreover, under certain circumstances, patients suffer from travel-related health risks and stress. The possible risk of infection is also at large along with delayed recovery. This calls for at-home diagnostic facilities, as we put your health as our apex priority.   

Rising Care has come up with this unique opportunity for geriatrics patients in Kolkata to conduct health testing and treatment at home. From regular check-up till your recovery to supplying medical kits & medicines at your doorstep – we have the firm belief to serve our patients holistically.

Get in touch with Rising Care, and we shall take care of the entire process. We will make the arrangement for the devices required and the tools needed.

Yes, the entire process will be carried at-home to eliminate the need of stepping out. The aged patient can relax at the comfort of the home and we shall take care of the entire process.

Yes, the process is entirely safe. Every process is practised under a strict protocol to never compromise on the health of the aged patient.

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