Twilight Care Plan

"KINDNESS can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You'll never know how much your caring matters. MAKE A DIFFERENCE for another today." - Amy Leigh Mercree

And hence,

Rising Care Senior Health Solution, a pioneer of geriatric healthcare, takes extra miles to provide quality care, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the geriatric family.
Our Twilight Care plan is one of the most sought-after plans, customised as per the requirements of the aged patient. A single member or a couple can subscribe to Twilight Care plan at a monthly compensation of Rs. 6500/month and Rs. 12000/month respectively.

Under the umbrella of Twilight Care plan, the services available are –

  • Doctors visit at home per two month
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Complimentary ECG and complete blood test
  • Care Managers visits
  • Regular health monitoring
  • Regular care manager visit
  • Monthly Medicines supply
  • Electronic Medical Records for continuity of care 
  • Companionship
  • Utility Bills submission
  • Life Certificate
  • Bank related service
  • Pension assistance
  • Assistance during Hospitalization and discharge
  • Escorted visit to Temple, Mall, Cinema, Friends ( One is free )
  • Assistance for mediclaim follow-ups
  • Skype  assistance

We are open to serve all the senior citizens in need. Providing a doctor’s certificate is not mandatory, however, in case of special cases, it is recommended to furnish the required prescription and other medical documents. 

      Office EKTP, Police Station - Kasba, Kolkata - 700107

There are various services that we offer and you can select as per your requirement. In case you want to customise a plan, kindly get in touch and we shall be happy to cooperate. 

Chargeable Services

Life-saving medical equipment at home

ICU set up at home

Physiotherapy at home

Dementia Care Services and Alzheimer's care

Nutrition Consultation

Psychological Counselling

Assistance during Dialysis, chemo, medical appointments

Trained Attendant and Nurse


Doctor visit at home(more than one is chargeable)


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