Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our Elderly ? What More Can We Do?

That is a good question to ask. In the era of Instagram and Facebook and all sorts of new virtual platforms, we tend to ignore and mistreat the only generation that has and values real time touch with reality. 

To say the least, the state of the surroundings are bound to affect people, especially the elderly. The elderly need to be catered to and taken care of and treated with love and affection. Our virtual distractions don't quite remind us to do that.

So you get the very delicious 25 different dishes your grandmother prepared to surprise you after you get home from college or work, but you're really not as happy and surprised by it. That isn't people's own specific fault however. As days pass, we are getting conditioned by social media about how big of a necessity it is. 

Through all this however, our elderly need our care and attention. We at Rising Care have set our priorities on being the people who do that. The state of senior citizen care services in Kolkata is not the nicest. We fail to realize and understand a lot of things about the people who are the sole reason that we exist today in the first place. 

Doing something for the older members of your family isn't giving them a privilege. We need to understand that they deserve it and they deserve all the happiness in the world just as much as we do. 

So how can you take care of your elderly? Here's some basics. 

Senior Citizen Counseling

This might sound like a rather weird idea but it's only because we think it's only for us. Come to think about it, senior citizen counseling is very necessary. The world around them has changed. People have altered the way they behave completely. If youngsters can need therapy, senior citizens can as well. They might need it more than we assume. 

Senior Citizen Counseling gets them a safe place to talk and share their thoughts and feelings with people who understand them and care. 

We make sure that your loved ones are in the hands of professionals who care about them and keep their best interest in mind whenever they suggest anything. 

Counseling does not always have to be psychological. You might just assume that it's only talking. If you think about it well enough, you will realize that we all have so much less time to spare, we forget or are not able to give our elderly the love and care they deserve to receive from us. 

Senior Counseling is a way of connecting to them, understanding them, and helping them feel happy and full of life in a world that is just getting stranger by the day and hour. 

At Home Care

There's no service that will heal a person's entire existence if it doesn't begin at home. You can only bring your parents or grandparents to senior citizen counseling if you care enough about them in the first place. Most elderly care services in Kolkata would not tell you this, but you need to begin to observe your own actions at home if you have your loved one's best interests in mind. 

Talk to them. Get to know them all over again. Revisit your good memories with them. Tell them you love them and that they mean a lot to you. A professional could talk to them all they want and obviously, they will be able to help them. However, nothing would make a person happier than the person they love caring about them and being involved with them. 

Our elderly do not demand a lot of things. The least one could do is give them what they rightfully deserve. 


Unable to relate to the world, older people retreating back to their room and obsessing over a newspaper is common, but not the happiest or healthiest. 

Help them socialize. Cook with them. Encourage them to go out and seize the day. Take them shopping. Get them to be a part of a new community. Have them explore an old hobby again. Nobody said it's too late. 

Socializing doesn't necessarily mean enthusiastically talking to the entire town. Instead, it just refers to relating to other people. With everyone absorbed in their phones, the aged people are bound to feel like they are in a world that doesn't even understand their language anymore. Get in the way of that thought. Nobody should have to feel that way

That would be the basics of yet another way of elderly care. Be it senior citizen counseling or simply taking them out for coffee, keep the compassion, love and concern constant always. These aren't the greatest times to live in, but you could help them be good enough. All it takes is a little effort and will to help on our part.