Speech Therapy at home

“Not being able to speak is NOT the same as not having anything to say” – Rosemary Crossley.

Speech therapy is one of the most sought-after services for our senior citizen clients.

Why is speech therapy important?

Being able to communicate is perhaps one of the most essential life skills.

When an individual is unable to communicate even his/her basic needs such as hunger, physical discomfort, to use the washroom or any other requirements the condition may be alarming and warrants immediate professional help.

Often brain strokes cause such speech disabilities and early treatment by speech therapists help to eliminate such issues.

Professional speech therapy sessions –

  • Eliminate the risk of existing speech issues
  • Narrows the communication gap, and
  • Promotes better speech-hear coordination

Speech Therapy from Rising Care includes exercises to be performed under the special guidance of professionals.

It ensures that your aged parents and relatives are –

  • Able to communicate regarding health conditions
  • Alert in case of emergencies, and much more

No, there is no compulsion to change your physician. Feel free to consult with our empanelled medical professionals if you wish to.

All our speech therapists are certified practitioners with years of experience. They are professionally trained under government-designated hospitals. All have secured at least a Masters degree in Speech Therapy.

Reach out to us at +91-98309 61324 and we will guide you through the entire booking process to your concerned practitioner. You can also directly mail us at Rising Care at [email protected]

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